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hope i'm not too forgotten.

new things to share.

bilingual. teaching. france.

writing a book. it's an excuse to drink coffee and daydream.

faith'll move mountains.

happy new year.
please, if you have a moment, have a look at my newer of two blogs.


my scattered thoughts, meanderings and murmured musings are loosely gathered here.


Squeeze has a blog. It's about food. Go and follow it NOW.

Squeeze has also had an article published!! AWESOME.…

Go and look at both! Let me know what you think, homies! :D


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Quaking, steel wing-tipped butterflies
brush insides out to out,
set me down gently,
let me shiver through your darkest days
let me warm the summer storms
and unbraid the skin from the hips
the sighs from the lips
let the rain fall down and cleanse
the very gravestones from the past
does it even matter,
when I leave it all alone,
and watch your slender fingers pattern tabletops
there is little left to do
but wish you were my own.
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To all those who are alone. To all those who loved and lost. To all those who are the trees, standing decorated and smelling of pine. To those with newpaper blankets and a pillow of stars. To those with more bones than memories and silent smiles in lips sewed together with barbed wire. To those whose mouths taste like cigarette smoke and longing. To those who tangle their hands in long hair and breathe in the scents of napes of necks. To those with violet cream breathing, tangled in faerie lights underneath the lights of french skies. To lovers with lying lips and bruised hips. To the hurting, the crying, the screaming and the damned. To the happy, the joyous, the glorious and the glowing. To the dark, the light, and the grey. To the librarians, to the fighters, to the awake, to the slumbering. To the religious, to the heathens, to the dreamers, to the realists. To the motel mothers, dime store sweethearts, with a penny and a bunch of fives, grinning at a free meal and the clasped hands of sinners in unwashed sheets. To the truckers, sleeping. To children with sticky hands and candyfloss tangled hair. To backstreet gypsies, chinese street vendors and pretty-skinned fishes tied up in plastic bags. To the women who wreath themselves in mesh and glitter, feathers and silk and the nuns in alcoved corners thumbing rosaries, praying to God. To all those mortals underneath Ethiope's might:

I love you.

And I hope this season makes you blissful.
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For those of you who didn't know, I'm at University! I decided to go a year early; I got the grades, they wanted me, and here I am! Here a year early as well! It's crazy, but it feels like the next part of my life has just taken off and is flying towards the stars!

Definitely the right decision to make, and whilst I miss my friends from home, I know I'll enjoy their company all the more when I'm home for holidays! The same goes for my family - I'm definitely looking forward to some home cooking!

There was period in my life about 6 months ago when things were really black. Events occured around April/May that shook me to my core and left me with little pieces of my heart scattered everywhere. I wanted to thank all the people who've helped me sweep them up and put them back together. The glue was pulled apart by certain individuals, but they could never truly unstick me from those who loved me throughout this period, despite the fact that I was more than a little hollow.

University is incredible! I'm sure everyone who's there knows this already, but the transition from my old life to this new one was so perfect, so easy, that it feels like I've been here forever! I think Uni's changed me as a person as well - you might've been able to tell from the new-fangled poetry :)

I've met some incredible people, I'm living in an incredible city - there's so much to do! I've started Kendo and Fencing, joined the art society, etc, and all of my classes are awesome! YAAAAY!

Haha, this journal is probably the happiest I've ever written. (And the most sensible, and the longest, probably.)

And on that note, my lovelies, I will leave you!

Love you and leave you :D


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WOOOOOP! I go on holiday tomorrow, to Mauritius! It should be mega awesome - I'm looking forward to the Sun, and getting my exam results (EEEEK!!!). Needless to say, you can't get t'internet on the beach! I really appreciate all the commments and faves, and I know I'm TERRIBLE at replying, but I promise I will. Eventually.

I will bring you back whatever it is that they have in Mauritius.

Sand, mainly.

Teeeeheee! Love y'all loads - hoping you like the sketchbook stuff!
Lovelovelove and sparkles, angelfaces!!!!!

Kisses and Hugs etc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Especial love to Michael, Jenny-Chan and Rozzle, Dante, and everybody!!!!
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I thought I'd write y'all a little journal and update you all on the rainbow goodness which my life seems to be infused with at the moment!! Shiny, happy, marshmallow-flavoured goodness...


My main reason for joy? My exams are very very nearly over!! Unfortunately I'm also back to school the very next day, but I'm salsa-ing on Thursday - wish me luck.

And guys? CRITIQUE THE WORK! I really appreciate all comments you guys make - helps me to see what works, you know?

Love you all LOADS!

(I do, I do, I do!!)

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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 8, 2008, 1:24 AM
There are two types of people in the world.

Springs and drains.

I'm glad I've found so many of the former on dA.


At the moment I'm in a little boat without sails, and there's a very big wave coming.
I'm very glad I can breathe under water. ;)

I love you all. So much. You make internet fun!

On a somewhat lighter(?) note, read the latest deviation, and let me know if you need something turned inside out and stitched up. At the moment I'm in the kind of mood where I know I'll do my best.

Thank you, everyone.

You mean more to me than you could know.

Enough slushy stuff! Haha, see you later, little chickens.

Eloise xxx

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CSS and it's pretty!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2008, 6:31 AM
Did it go right?



How do I work it?

The header is not appearing, unfortunately...

Help please?

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He is, officially fabulous.

I just need his help on making the most of my subscription.

He is awesome.

End of.

Thank you!

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1. I have some of the best internet friends a girl could ever ask for....
Dante, Rozzle, Stuutz (sp?), Jenny, Demition, Tanya, when she finally comes back online.... So many...The list honestly goes on and on and on!
2. Christmas was awesome... Really made me appreciate my family and the generosity of people around me.
3. HOLIDAYS! Need I say any more?
4. Hopefully after the hols I'll be back to school relaxed and refreshed, and can continue passing NABs and making good grades and such like.
5. My handmade jewellery is booming! Yeas! Everybody seemed to love it at a recent craft fair, and I've discovered a gorgeous bead shop in my nearby area, so a great supplier is only a drive away!
6. Work has sorted itself out. *nods in a satisfied manner*
7. Just happy. I can sleep in late, and read in bed for ages... You really miss it when the alarm goes off at seven!
8. Going into town tomorrow with a super-lovely workmate, looking forward to that :D

I love you all. I think you are made from the very stuff of rainbows. Je t'aime, et bonnes reves! <3
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Yeah, basically, is what's going through my head.
I am on the verge of losing my job (don't ask, I'll write about it when I can think well enough to not want to commit seppukku) I have four NABs next week (they're like exams, you big American people) and I'M STRESSED!
I am now single and hating it, and then my friends start going manic-depressive on me, and it's like... Let's get Eloise to pick up our pieces! It's not like she's got anything going downhill for her!!

I really wish I could break something and then burn it to embers and dance naked over it's glowing remains.
So basically...

1. I'm stressed...
2. This is the second week I've come home in tears from work...
3. I really miss Him...
4. I have FOUR NABS next week, which, if I don't pass, I get thrown off my course.
5. I have to finish an art project for THURSDAY! FECK!
...and 6. I feel like everyone's grabbed a little piece of me and is yanking hard. I'm tired and I'm stressed, and I'd like it if my friends/work would appreciate the amount of freaking effort I put into them/it.

Eloise wants...
a) Love.

Right. Sorry to moan guys, but I don't do it often.
Normally life's pretty damn good, y'know?

I love you all.
Even the weird ones :)

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Ahh, how is it all going, peoples?
Just thought I'd feature some people that require featuring :D
I'm hoping that worked as a link, my computing skills being less impressive than an emo on speed.
Not that I don't love emos.
I'd quite like a pet one. Also....
Check out....
For some AMAZING (properly) poetry and prose.
He's clever - so love him for it.
Also... - she should SO be a designer of some kind.
Because he's just gorgey in general.
Now sleeeeeep.

I love you all.

Even the emos.

Night Night!  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh yeah, and
he's great - slightly mad....
but talented nevertheless.

Agh! My German class is SO FULL OF INNUENDOS.
Rawr. I also had "Caribbean chicken" which was actually turkey-substance with pineapple and peppers.

Now, I'm all for interesting flavour combinations, but that was truly radioactive. Or biohazardous - either way , I'm feeling the repercussions now.



Oh, and babies....

Art college or University for me?


Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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How are all you guys doing?
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Is that how you spell Rhinoceros? Oh yes, my spellchecker line hasn't come up. Good. At least I know I can spell.

Even if I was feeling cruddy earlier on, for fair circumstances, that I wish weren't there, I guess I'm better now. RAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend is working tomorrow, and for that reason isn't coming over to my lovely mate's - Grub - tonight. We're all going round, staying over, making pizza - sounds tame, but we're all clinically insane, so it's all good. But now he's not coming. Says there's no point if he's gotta work tomorrow. It's all to do with bus times. I'm a bit bloody disappointed, mind you... Sort of looking forward to seeing him whilst I was at work... Y'know "Oh! I get to see him soon!!" And then I called him to check his work plans, and turns out he's booked for tomorrow. The thing is, we live in separate towns, so it's buses or nothing, as he hasn't learned to drive, and I'm too young. :( He could have come through to see me earlier, I guess, but he's booked himself a haircut, and is then off to see his pal Grant. Still, that's fair, I suppose. I come after all he's planned.

Wish I had self-confidence you know. It's pants when you have a BF and he tells you about all the female attention he gets. I guess it's innocent, mind, as he probably tells me just to let me know that he's still faithful despite the interest he gets...A couple of emails here and there... Letting me know about the girls he sees in Edinburgh. I suppose I just feel a bit un..pretty...maybe.... if I'm being told about all these people. I suppose it's more self-confidence than anything, and teh fact that I have none.

Whatever! Sorry for getting you down folks, but I feel so much better now I've let that all out. Bottling things up can't be good for my health, you know!

Love to you all.


(Sad, but Smiling)
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German Listening Exam.

General Level.

Question Ten.

"Claudia says you are going out for the weekend. Where are you going - "


"I'm gonna be sick!!"

Why is it that there is ALWAYS someone who throws up in a listening exam?

Happened in French as well.


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How goes. Argh, I am well and truly shattered - I had my art exam today (sitting for 5 straight hours, drawing) and now I am face-meltingly sleepy... The fact that I'm also having to make and stock pile my jewellery (website coming soon folks, thanks to Kubie) so I've been making some pretty pretty spiffy jewelleryage.

So yeah, Eloise-life isn't too bad at all. OH COME ON! Who am I kidding? My Standard Grades (Massive exams, for all you American people) began today. 5 days 'til English, and the Maths is 2 days after that...and then lots more. Last exam is on the whatsit of May...25th, that's it. MEH!!

Still, at least dA is providing a rather lovely and colourful distraction. And it's my birthday a week on monday! Woooo!

Ahhh, I love you all, babies, but you need to send me some serious angel-vibes.

Heck knows I need 'em, lol!

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Hey gorgeous people - Rozzle and Jenny-chan especially, cos they pwn. In-so-facto. These girlies are TEH PWNAGE!

Dude, right, so where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh yeah, nowhere.... Lol, s'all tickety-boo...

So? Yep. Journal Update - 'scuse the deletion of the last one, Rozzle, I don't like sad things on my page, but that particular one had to come out or I may have choked, exploded, and pooed myself all at the same time.

Actually,  I am well and truely brain-dead. You may as well tie me to an electric post with a lot of cables and call me Kronos, I'm that brain-dead. I was at school today from roughly 8.30 am to 5.15 pm. That's like...7 hours and 45 minutes.....Rawr, afterschool revision classes, but I guess you gotta love 'em. Fairenoughski.

How are you doing, chickies? Let one know, always interested in the hearts and minds of fellow deviants!

Kisses and hugs! Hugs and kisses, with some Skittles in there too!


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