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// You wanna stay informed of my next commission opening ? \\


I'm a french Illustrator - 2D artist, always looking to improve.

/!\ SFW and NSFW content.

Mass Effect Stamp: Garrus
Garrus Stamp
Dragon Age Stamp: Alistair
[STAMP] Fenris
Cullen Stamp
STAMP: Solas

Favourite Visual Artist
Glen Keane, Bryan Konietzko, Matt Rhodes
Favourite Movies
Singin' in the Rain, the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Pride and Prejudice (2005), Tout en Haut du Monde, LotR, Star Wars, HP
Favourite TV Shows
ATLA, Firefly, Stargate SG1, NCIS, Castle, Miss Fisher, Arcane
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Lord of the Dance, Frank Sinatra
Favourite Books
Pride & Prejudice, le Petit Prince, Silverwing, la Part de l'Autre
Favourite Writers
St Exupéry, J.Austen, R.Hobb, Lovecraft
Favourite Games
Mass Effect, Dragon Age, FF-IX, Golden Sun, Tales of Symphonia
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox One, PC and Switch
Tools of the Trade
PC, Wacom Cintiq 22HD, Adobe suite
Other Interests
Reading, Writing, Travel, Archery

Commission list


Don't mind the order, you were so many at the exact same time that most of you are more or less on the same "line" 😅


\ Petegas1660 - sketchpage / P

\ Anonymous S - sketchpage / P

*** *** ***


\ ENxGore - comic / UP

\ Elise G. - group / UP

\ Sincinari - / UP

\ Lucy Lane - sketchpage / UP

*** *** ***


\ GunsNDolls - sketchpage / UP

\ JazzySongBird - / UP

\ MxFionaMae - sketch illustration / UP

\ Pandacolor - / UP

\ Kalebold - / UP

\ Brokenbolt - / UP

\ MoistBaconBoy - / UP

\ Khaimin - / UP

\ VeraCallaway - sketchpage / UP

\ GabbyGibson - illustration / UP

\ Christine A. - / UP

\ Erebus7 - / UP

\ DeeTwenty - / UP

\ mrsouleater13 - / UP

\ MLC - / UP

\ Impious Imp - / UP

\ PandaPics - / UP

*** *** ***


\ AnonymousAV - X / UP

\ Callows95 - X / UP

\ TylerKojen - X / UP

\ GuntherTheGuy - X / UP

Ok wow. Less than 1min. You are crazy 😱 I saw all the notes, emails and discord dms, so i already know that the 10 slots are taken, and probably most of the waiting list too. I have to close again, let me check who arrived first now xD
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🌷 Hi there ! Here we go for another round of commissions ! Again, i'll open 10 slots. If you're not one of the 10 firsts, don't worry, you'll be added to my waiting list as usual. But as always, to some extent, because it can be a bit stressful to me to make people wait for too long, so i reserve the right to close my waiting list at some point. Thank you for your understanding ! You can find my pricelist right there or in my gallery, it's still the 2022 version. I didn't change my prices yet, i'll maybe update them next year. And if you have any question, feel free to send me a note or a chat ! I DO Human • Anthro • Furry • Alien • Creature • Chara design • Couples • Nsfw • Bondage :bulletred: I DON'T Some fetishes as Vore, feet, diapers... (ask) • Mecha (Robotic parts as arms or legs are ok but no full mecha) • Complex architecture • Gore ⭐️ HOW TO ORDER : By note The principal infos, elements and such, that i need - Note title : [Commission] Type - Type : (What
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Hope everyone's fine and having a great summer ! So, I finally decided on my next opening date for my commissions. For those who filled my mailing list, check your emails, mine must be there (if i did things properly. Plus, i tried the thing where no one can see each other emails, so i'm not sure if it worked) - Sunday 27 August, at 7pm (France/CEST - UTC+2) French timezone - Make sure to check your own timezone so you won’t miss it ! I’ll try to pick 10 persons at first. Remember that once my commissions are open, it's first arrived, first served, then it goes on my waiting list which will remain open for a bit. You're always so many at each opening, so know that being on my waiting list can be very long and i can’t keep it open forever. I'll try my best as always ! Stay tuned for the journal i'll post for the opening on Sunday 27 !
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F5ywznsxkaapicr By Molderpurple Dg88n2j-fullview

Hello ! What do you think about this ?

Honestly, i don't know. Most of the changes doesn't apply to me, except the last one in some sort of ways i'd say. I don't know what i must expect, which fetish content, on this point they're not very clear. So i just might censor stuff at some point and leave the uncensored version for Twitter, but even Twitter is complicated now with their AI thing and all the usual mess (biggest reason why i didn't post anything on my nsfw twitter in a while). If i can't post all the nsfw commissions i do on DA anymore, i don't really know where i could

Thanks very much for the two badges and thanks again for letting me share your amazing piece in the Lathiira remembrance interview. It was just perfect!

My pleasure, it was a really nice gesture and tribute to Lathiira :)