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World Revolution

Spanish revolution-15M, "It´s time to fly" [link]

Spanish revolution 19 J => [link]

Take The Square => [link]

Global Revolution => [link]

We are the outraged, the anonymous, the voiceless. We were there, silent but alert, watching. Not gazing upward at the powers that be, but looking from side to side for the right time to unite with each other.

No political party, association or trade union represents us. Nor do we want them to, because each and every one of us speaks for her or himself. Together, we want to design and create a world where people and nature come first, before economic interests. We want to design and build the best possible world. Together we can and we will. Unafraid

The first sparks started to fly in the Arabic countries, where thousands of people took over streets and squares, reminding their governments where the real power lies. The Icelanders followed, taking to the streets to speak their mind and decide their future. And it wasn’t long before Spaniards occupied squares in neighborhoods, towns and cities. Now the flame is swiftly spreading through France, Greece, Portugal, Italy and Turkey, and the cries of peaceful demonstrators echo across America and Asia, where new movements are cropping up everywhere. Only a global revolution can confront global problems. The time has come for the woman and man in the street to take back their public spaces to debate and build a new future together.

This is a call to the #Globalrevolution on 19 June. We're calling on people everywhere to peacefully occupy public squares and create spaces for debate, assembly and reflection. It's our duty to reclaim the public arena and together forge the kind of world we want to live in.

Take the square!!! Take the streets!!! #Globalrevolution

People of the World, rise up!!!

Is not mine, is made [link] =) Free Posters to promote the movement.

INFO MORE Countries of the World => [link]
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They will not control us! We will be victorious!
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Making your mark on the world. We're proud of you.
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Loving it all the way.
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I was at Occupy Los Angeles three times! it was a fantastic peaceful demonstration!
lluviosa's avatar
That's great! All together For World Peaceful =)
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but oakland, new york and san diego, thoise policemen were shameful, macing the protesters, beating people and drug a girl across the street by her hair.
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great comic book.
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Yeah! I love it
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Brilliant poster and great initiative.
Featured on my blog [link]
Well done and keep up the revolution!
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Is not mine, is made [link] =) Free Posters to promote the movement.

I'm really Honored! :tighthug: Thank you so much for spread the revolution. ¡ Thank you so much for Featured!
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You're totally welcome, I really like the purpose (and it's a very nice poster as execution though).
On Tumblr it has already 15 notes and I have 2000 followers.
The message gonna be spread.
Keep up the revolution!
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Thank you for submitting this deviation to our Gallery. It is our honour to display your creativity, and hard work.
En espanol, muchisimas gracias par su trabja dura.
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The honor is mine. =)
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greetings from cairo .
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in cologne, germany, people squat a place in the city, to spread the word about what's going on in southern europe, for solidarity and to get their own asses up to resistance
here's the facebook page [link] ;)
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Then, a lot of strength from Spain. People of the World, rise up! =)
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Reminds me of the last Spanish revolution. We all know how that ended.
lluviosa's avatar
Yes? We all know? You Konw?
ritchieritz's avatar
Well since you are Spanish I assume you one a thing or 2 about the guerra civil.
lluviosa's avatar
Yeah, you know all of Spanish civil War. Sure you've been through many wars.

Whatever you say.

Peace. =)
ritchieritz's avatar
Wtf :XD:

I never said I was there.
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Who will do the work? Greeks and Spaniards obviously crave a life of leisure paid for by the rest of the world. How can that go on exactly?
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life of leisure? I beg to inform yourself well before you speak.

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