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A surprising amount of awesomeness was in the city today.

Turns out big projectors shining images on the opera house makes for cool lighting.

50mm 1/10 f/1.8 800ISO
EF 50mm 1.8 II
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captures the moment
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There are times when I think that having the best camera and lenses will make the difference in my photography, and then I see great shots like this and think "I've got the same gear (400D or XTi), so stop making excuses!"
There's a feeling of expectancy in this shot that I like. Like something they've been waiting for has just started.

Thanks for sharing.
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I know exactly what you mean. It still doesnt stop me wanting all the gear in the world. :P
Thanks, Glad you like the shot.
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feature here: [link]
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Wow! I love this photo, it's really impressive! :D
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what a shot, the fact that the man stands and the boy is in a squatting makes this shot profound. It is a brilliant idea to convert this shot to black and white. The sharpness and the bokeh behind makes its beautiful.
there is some noise which i guess it unintended, that apart a great shot indeed.
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yer I tried to cut at the noise as much as possible, but it was pretty dark when I took it and my 1000D isnt very good for low light stuffs.
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no problem, u ca probably try to reduce it using some software. but nevertheless, this is a great shot.good work. :-)
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nicely done mate. it's almost like a scene from a movie.
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Very cool lighting indeed....
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I love the composition ^^
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nicely done!
really need to see it at night sometime before it ends
been seeing some great shots of sydney at night recently

this is probably the best ive seen so far :D
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thanks a lot :w00t:
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awesomeness indeed! i love the moment, the two friends observing from afar.
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