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"How did you come to be here?" Mr Lacey asked Genevieve, the junior engineer, one day. Of course, since he posed the question from somewhere underneath the starboard furnace and with several screws between his teeth it came out as a muffled slur. Thankfully Genevieve, currently perched on a stool scrubbing rust from a spare valve, was getting used to her mentor's habit of talking from within machinery and it only took her a few seconds to work out what he had actually asked.
"You mean, on dis ship?" she said, and got a vaguely affirmative noise back. "Long story."
"I'm not going anywhere." This at least was true.
"Fine den. Long time ago, back 'ome, I was engaged-" Mr Lacey reappeared from under the boiler with one eyebrow raised. "Don't look like dat! 'e was a very nice boy. He work in de shop, wid de engines you know. Tiny place. 'e complain all the time dat it was boring, but 'e said, a job's a job. Den the Air Corps come. Dey want airmen, and 'e want to fly! So, 'e sign up. Year an
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A Rubber Duck
"What on earth is this?"
Percy turned the mysterious object over in his hands. It was made of heavy rubber, painted a garish yellow and shaped approximately like a duck or, at least, a rather childish stylisation of a duck, with huge eyes and wings far too small to support its weight. It was obviously intended to be whimsical, but Percy thought its wide, empty eyes were actually rather terrifying.
"Oh, that's Harold," Dr Rosenbaum offered as he rummaged around what passed for the ship's infirmary. "A gentleman who makes toys in Paris gave him to us. Apparently they are going to be very fashionable. I don't think we believe him. No, I don't think we do."
Percy gave "Harold" a tentative squeeze and was rewarded by a melancholic wheezy squeak. He felt rather sorry for the poor creature. Behind him, the doctor upended a heavy leather bag onto the table and rifled through the contents.
"Where did we put the blasted stethoscope? Do you remember? Ah, wait, didn't we leave it in the pile by th
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The box was thrust into Percy's hands accompanied with an awkward "Happy birthday." He got about halfway through the automatic response of "You didn't have to get me anything." before his brain caught up with his ears.
"How did you know it was my birthday?"
Blaise looked unusually sheepish. "It was on your calendar."
"My what?"
"Your calendar. On your desk. In your house."
Percy hadn't set foot in the house in question in nearly three months – not since a certain reformed sky-pirate had seen fit to land in his compost heap and proceed to drag him on a series of harrowing but admittedly exciting adventures like some sort of stray dog. His confusion must have been evident because Blaise immediately looked even more awkward.
"I remember things like that," he tried. "You never know when they might come in handy. Are you going to open it, or shall I stand here feeling a fool for a bit longer?"
Percy did as he was told, and was astonished to find that the unassuming box contained, along
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Mr Lacey Won't Take Advice
"You really should get a wristwatch," Clifton suggested, after the second time a wayward cogwheel had ripped Lacey's watch chain off his waistcoat, ruining the waistcoat, the chain, the cogwheel and Lacey's humour in one horrible crunching sound.
"Fine," was all he got in response.
Three days later, Lacey having done no such thing, the very same chain maliciously wound itself around a loose nail as its owner stepped out of a cab, snapping the link and sending the beleaguered timepiece flying out of Lacey's pocket and into a wall, where it promptly exploded in a shower of gears.
Lacey merely left the pile of parts on his desk overnight and went home.
When he came in the next morning, the parts were gone and in their place was a shiny new wristwatch and a hand-written note:
  Told you so.

It was a very nice watch, kept excellent time and lasted a whole week before Lacey took it off to work on the innards of one of his rotary gu
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Mr Clifton Has A Problem
"Damn spiders!" Clifton said exasperatedly, loud enough for Lacey to look up from the gutted engine in front of him and scowl through his goggles.
"It's all those damn legs." Clifton watched glumly as his latest clockwork creation staggered drunkenly across the worktop, managing about two feet of progress before its eight jointed legs became irrevocable entangled. "Too many legs with too many joints. They just can't support the weight of the body."
"Oh." Lacey had never really understood his partner's enthusiasm for the tiny, delicate spring-driven creatures he peddled to the high-society ladies. His normal response to faulty machinery was to hit it a few times with a big spanner.
Clifton picked up the twitching mess of metal with a sigh and went back to the drafting board.
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An Unassuming Beginning
It was a perfectly ordinary Thursday when Percy Weatherby woke up. It continued to be ordinary as he dressed himself in his customary grey tweed suit and ate the same breakfast he ate every weekday – two pieces of toast, a hard-boiled egg and a cup of coffee. At the normal time of a quarter past eight, he put his hat on his head and his watch in his pocket, picked up his briefcase and stepped out of his front door. The weather was fairly average for London in March, and the sky was an unexciting shade of blue-grey. When he reached the end of his road, he summoned a hansom in the standard fashion. The ride to the bank was rather dull; as they followed the usual route, he looked out of the window and watched the airships making their stately way across the sky, but they failed to do anything unexpected.
At twenty to nine, he got out of the cab, paid the driver and walked up the steps to the bank, where he said hello to the doorman as he always did. He reached his desk at ten to nine
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Mr Lacey Builds A Friend
Mr Lacey didn't believe in the impossible. Rather, he considered the word 'impossible' to be more of a gentle suggestion than a hard and fast ruling. As far as he was concerned, the word was synonymous with 'challenge'.
Mr Clifton had long ago grown used to this attitude, and in fact had become quite good at harnessing it as a method of controlling his partner's rather erratic work schedule. All one had to do was suggest that perhaps a certain thing was not possible, and by the end of the week one would have one disarrayed workshop, one exhausted but triumphant Lacey and whatever it was one had wanted, working better than could possibly be imagined.
But even Clifton was startled when he arrived at the shop one Monday morning to find the work room apparently the subject of a very small and specific war. The floor was invisible under a layer of discarded brass sheeting, every flat surface including the benches, the walls and in one case the ceiling was covered in drawings, blueprints and
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Maths Attacks
It was a sunny day and Hanami (who is in no way related to the author) rolled out of bed. She put on some clothes that were lying on the chair in her room and padded downstairs.
“Mum! Dad! I’m going out for the day.” She shouted to the occupants of the kitchen table.
“Uh, ok, but where to?” Enquired Hanami’s mother who had left the dining room only to find her daughter standing in their under stairs cupboard.
“I’m going to hell.” Was the reply, sweetened with a smile. And with that Hanami closed the door on herself. There was a moment’s silence and then a crack like that of a whip and a flash of light shone from the gaps in the doorway. Hanami’s mother reopened the cupboard door but Hanami had disappeared.
“Oh well.” She shrugged and joined her husband for their morning cup of tea.
Hanami was falling, she liked falling, falling was a nice sensation. Falling in the dark was not such a nice experience but it wasn’t oft
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Lesson 1 - Basics of Meter
"Life is tons of discipline.  Your first discipline is your vocabulary; then your grammar and your punctuation.  Then, in your exuberance and bounding energy you say you're going to add to that.  Then you add rhyme and meter.  And your delight is in that power."
  - Robert Frost
As Robert Frost is saying, meter and rhyme are not the most important parts of writing.  They are the most intricate when creating poetry, but poems can be written without them.  I began my poetry with free verse, and gradually became more and more fixed as I went on to learn more about how meter affects the poem, and how rhyme, alliteration, assonance, and the like also affect the reader's experience with a piece of poetry.  And my free verse is all the better for it.  Even if you never write another fixed poem after finishing this course, an intricate understanding of the rules of conventional poe
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On the off-chance that anyone looks at this page and wonders where I am.

So, I graduated with a Masters in Mathematics, I'm now on a maths PGCE (still at Oxford, partially from nostalgia, partially from laziness), I just wrote 5000 words on whether single-sex education can increase girls' participation in and enjoyment of STEM subjects and am otherwise fine, healthy and reasonably happy.

As you can see, this place is more or less abandoned because I don't really art that much any more, but I still have characters (ask me about the elf and the dwarf), I still have dolls, I still love Tolkien and I still doodle on my (classroom observation) notes. If you'd like to keep in touch, I can now be reasonably reliably found on Tumblr, where I reblog maths, Tolkien, Sherlock Holmes, pole dancing and cats, and occasionally post bits of writing.

I'm going to leave all this mess up here for the foreseeable future because I quite like it, and I do miss this place, but you know, rolling stone and all that.


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Personal Quote: "Normality is so last Fribdig."


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