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Hearts float before the smiley as he faints happily ¯▽¯. It would be nice having an emoticon like, when you see a really great artwork which makes you feel overwhelmed with that intense sense of adoration... or something similar, you just, well, faint with hearts XD.

I'll be very much glad if Dev accepts this as one of the useable emoticons in comments, journals, and the like XD

The idea came from ::iconfoxalollita:'s journals with *fainted with hearts* inserted at some points ^_^

Comments are very much appreciated ¯▽¯

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:heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: :heartyfaint: 
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Me when I saw Mettaton.
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It looks all white to me XD
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You added an s to faint
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Love this so much!!! It's adorbs!!! :heart:
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:heartyfaint: by LloydDunamis on deviantART
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Have they stopped using it or something? It won't work and it portrays my emotions perfectly.
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