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No Future

By llovet
The coloured version of the piece I submitted to :iconpowflip: 3D book.

I wanted to colour something and practice because I need to find a colour style that suits my lineart. I think it's headed the right way : D
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i finally found you again! you are the reason i got into art! you were my reference for art style back when i was in high school, im so glad i found you again!!!!!! :) :D :)
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oh, really? Thank you so much, that's something very beautiful to hear from your work! <3
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keep up the awesome work and keep inspiring, and Thank you for helping me find my talent FREE flying hearts Icon 
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this should be a print O.O
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incredible, I love everything about this. :love:
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Hi *llovet! i love you artwork!!
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Love it! I think this type of coloring suits your lineart very well.
I like the roses and charcoal-black skeletons. They give the picture this intense apocalyptic feel, the way I see it. Also, once again, I admire the way you dress up your characters. The girl's costume rocks so much! :heart:
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Thank you so much!! ^^
I'm really happy you liked! :heart:
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Nice colour and shadows, a perfect colour choise!
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Cooooool : D
I look forward to seeing this in 3D!
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I love the costume design for the girl! The background is pretty interesting, too.
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This is so lovely <3 I love all the details, her dress, her hair, the rocks - so awesome <3
And yes, this colour definitely suits your lineart <333
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Thanks a lot! :D <3
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