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Zodiac's Twin Electrospears

By Llortor
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Because I needed to give her a weapon or two, and I needed to show off those golden thighs of hers :3

I like the main photo so much because of the sunset-like lighting thay I may do another photomanipulation in the future with it.

Zody belongs to :iconbentheghost:
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Dear god the beauty, all you need is a knife and she be complete
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Btw, how did you make the body for Zodiac? (I was thinking of naking my own genderfluid/female moc. >_<)
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I actually found your body on facebook so nvm I guess. Unless you can give a part list. ^^;
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Still in the stage of just adding stuff unto a basic model to improve it's overall look, but some just kan pull it off better, great job!
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Boltrax: "That pose, ermaiwgawd!" :nosebleed: 

Hrez'rak: "Boltrax, what in Mata Nui you're doing?":notimpressed: 

Boltrax: "AAAAARGGH!!:panic: Oh, heheh... It's you... Umm, how's your other limbs?"spongebob rape face 

Hrez'rak: -_- "(Sigh), not time for those stupid jokes. Listen, she is not female, she is shemale, at least if I remember correctly.Spider-mote 

Boltrax: 0_0  "NOPE!"D: (TF2 Chat Icon) 

Hrez'rak: "(Damn it)." Facepalm1 
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I have to say. impressive body design
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This makes me wanna get Gali so much more now...
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Now taht's a proper Zodiac build! Really captured your joint-piston construction.
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I wish I had this MOC. Looks like it'd be good for display. I really like the torso design, since it's reminescent of the Mata torso. My only recommendation would be to maybe decrease the width of the shoulders a bit, but other than that, yeah. Good job.

How'd you do the knee armor?
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The torso I wish I could make thinner too, but with the way the pistons lock together with the extended axel leading off the ball joint at the shoulders I couldn't make it any thinner without losing that (happenstance) integrity :p you could say it was the best I could do given the limitations. If I make instructions so you too can "have" her, you'll see what I mean.

Also the knees: the rahkshi legs are upside down, giving a free open ball joint at the knee for that small black shell
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I really like this moc
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The gears! THE GEARS!!!
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Dreams were crushed that day.
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okay I lied they do actually do something

they look cool
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Dat main pose though.
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Picture is bootifull
The MOC is too q:
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