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American History but with Cats

By llllucid
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EDIT: Made this available for download because dA's new gallery system doesn't let you full view past your browser size. >:E

This was put up at school for our Sunday comic exhibition today so I figured I'd throw it up here as well. Done a month ago I think.

American history, in all its glory.
But with cats.

17"x22", Rapidograph technical pens
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© 2009 - 2021 llllucid
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Nicely done, I like it :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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btw The Americans don't defeat the nazis. the Russians do. the Americans In other hands. defeat the Imperialist Japan.
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Can you make a Russian revolution, or Cold War in depth. make my USSR Brothers look good, pal XD. or better yet Miami Vice but in cats xD
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is The Cold War, or WWII, in this? What about. The Navy Seals, Delta Force, or The U.S Marines?
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... Oh my god, marry me. You're amazing, I'm amazing. We'll have the best kids ever.
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This is awesome. Cats and making fun of History.
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hahahahahahahaha my history unit in school I American history and this is so true bwhahahaha
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CATS. Love 'em, and now they're history. Even better!
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This is beautiful...
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Now I'm all for Obama, but someone who isn't needs to make a joke about black cats giving you bad luck and how instead of 7 years it's 4.
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Wahahahaaha. "'What d'ya got there, boys?' 'FISH.' 'Haha, yeah, SO much fish.'" Pfft. The paraphrasing of quotes was great.
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Thomas Kittenson was a jerk. Biggest jerk ever.
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This is amazing XD
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Awesome I love the names that you changed with cats :D. I laughed so hard.
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WOW did u draw all if this??? again WOW!!!!!!!!!
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