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panromantic heart by DiegoVainilla F2U Sparkle by piirmy|| quotes || F2U Sparkle by piirmy panromantic heart by DiegoVainilla
"you can come inside my hive anytime"
"this is so fucking actual homo"
"im a black man"
"just a good old perish"
"go eat a fucking rock"
"bitch. IM the umbrella demon"
"I AINT NO BITCH. ,,,, i have a problem"
"what do you mean my password is weak? you're weak"
"if he aint havin titties, he aint havin me"
"just cause he has a dick doesn't mean he is one"
"i need some pussy in my life"
"my toaster is self-watering"
"can we just take a moment to appreciate his screams"
"can i spread my spores everywhere"
"i can fuck divorced moms with any job"
"you fucking suck at terraria"
"of course its thick dick. do you think shes a little bitch?"

i lost all my quotes and im so sad :- (


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