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Published: June 23, 2017

Hello everyone! I've updated my commission info for the new year . I still need to add my chibi commissions but these can stay as is for now. 


prices are in USD per character  // 1 USD = 100 points
couple/group art/repeat customer orders get 10% discount on the total
click the image below for higher resolution
Comm Info 2019 by llianya


Icon-samples by llianya[2019-06]-nerdy-pixel-girl-chibi-icon-v2 by llianya[2019-07]-lucieribeiro-v2 by llianya

Base chibi icons like these are 15 USD each. (10 USD for bulk orders; 10 icons+)
Default file size provided are 1000x1000 and 200x200 pixels. Other sizes are available upon request
In the commission form, please provide your preferred expressions and background color


More samples may be found here


Maximum of 1 week per character. Usually takes me 1-4 days. Check here for a time estimate on how long I can get to you. It will take longer than a week if I have a long queue of pending commissions.


What you want to have drawn: (Reference image/s or description of your OC/avatar)
Style requested: (Sketchy Head/Fastbreak Waist/Orthodox Full/Mini, etc. )
Personality/Expression/Pose: (Provide first brief summary of character personality (most important), facial expressions to consider and poses you would want me to draw them in. Please limit key points to a few sentences/bullet points. You may provide additional details afterwards)
Background: (Transparent or Specific; if specific, additional charges may apply)
Currency to be used: (USD or points)
PayPal ID: (if paying through PayPal) 
Deadline: (if there is one)
Anything else? (Cue for you to say whatever you would like to add)


    (1) You fill out a form and post it either here or via note. Wait for me to acknowledge it and tell you how much the commission will cost
    (2) You will need to inform me if the price I quoted is agreeable or not.
    (3.a) If you are paying via PayPal, wait for me to send you an invoice and pay it upon receipt/after I provide you a rough sketch. The process is more or less straightforward but you may refer to the steps here 
    (3.b) If you are paying via dA points, wait for me to make a commission widget as you shall need to pay through that
    (4) Once I receive payment, I'll continue with the remaining processes.

    (1) For most cases, I prefer commissions wherein I get full payment immediately.
    (2) However, for all orders except sketches/sketchy style commissions, I am willing to accept half payment before I start and another half just before I show the final product. If you wish for your order to be processed in this manner, kindly inform me in the order form so that I may allow partial payment in the invoice I provide you.

    Absolutely no refund shall be made once I've started the clean sketch unless: 
    (1) I don't meet the deadline agreed by both parties. Note that the deadline must be stated on the form provided/before I accept your request.
    (2) I am unable to respond to you in any form of communication for over 14 days. This is only true under the assumption that the commissioner is the last one to send a message.
    (4) I am unable to finish a commission within 5 months after receiving the full payment. Commissions which are only paid partially are not taken into consideration as I reserve the right to discontinue working on a commission if the piece has not been paid in full.
    (3) I personally state that I will be unable to proceed working on your commission 
    In cases provided above, I will refund the full amount.

    I will only redo something twice for each step of the process.
    Steps are as follows: (1) sketching, (2) lining, (3) coloring.
    For fastbreak, lining stage is omitted.
    Please also note that I will only redo something right after a specific process - meaning that I won't be doing any changes on the lines or the pose once I've already provided the colored artwork. On my end, I will be providing updates for each part of the process and will endeavor to make the necessary adjustments asked before proceeding to the next step.
    Revisions from my lack of attention to detail are not added to the total.

    I accept commissions via descriptions. However do note that the commissioner needs to provide me all pertinent details from the start of the commission (prior to me doing anything first).
    What do these pertinent details include? Age, clothing style, facial structure, expression. If you want your character to have a VERY specific look, tell me from the start. Provide photo references for really specific attributes (like facial structure). Communicate what you expect from me.
    From this point, I no longer will refund payment if the inaccuracy of my art is due to the lacking specifications from the commissioner (I already had bad experiences with this so please understand).

    You want me to draw something in the art style of your favorite anime or artist? If it's lined artwork, send me references and I'll see if I can do it.
    I do not do cell shading though so coloring will be soft shaded/painted. I also don't do fully painted work
    I can give you a rough sketch first if you wish to make sure that I can copy that style

    Kindly note that I work on a first come, first served basis so I hope you’ll be patient with me
    Do inform me if you are against me posting your commission where the public may access it. Otherwise, I will assume that I can post any commission I draw in public domains such as deviantArt and Tumblr.
    Please do not disappear on me. I feel like I can't reiterate this enough. If you read my message, please reply. I can handle a "no" better than being completely ignored. 
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sharkimiHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there! Your art is very pretty but I have a question if you don't mind. Do you think you'd be able to draw a centaur oc? 
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Thank you very much for your kind words <3

I don't think I have any centaur samples but I am capable of drawing one. It's not quite the same but I've drawn a half human/half deer character. In any case, I am always willing to provide rough sketches first especially when I'm lacking samples -- similar to this situation.
sharkimi's avatar
sharkimiHobbyist Digital Artist
hello! I'm sorry for sudden changes but I decided to order a different character than the centaur one, if you don't mind, I will note you further information! ^^ 
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
That's no issue at all; I've answered your note too :D
HawntedDollie's avatar
HawntedDollieHobbyist General Artist
looking for an OC/Canon or just OC in the naruto world (no background needed) art?
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
I can do OC/canon character as well as just the OC from the Naruto universe.

Are you looking for art with similar style to Naruto though or are you fine with just my default art styles? 
HawntedDollie's avatar
HawntedDollieHobbyist General Artist
default is fine. I wanted my girl done up. Probably sketchy full but I gotta wait till thursday on payment. i dont get paid till then.
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure thing! I don't mind waiting since I need to finish 2 commissions first anyway. You can note me the details of the request now (or whenever you've fully decided) so I can slot you in and do the administrative stuff (like invoicing)
sukotai's avatar
Hello! It has been a very long time! I commissioned you through Gaia ages ago and I would love the chance to do so again! Is your queue still full? Can you ping me when you have more space available? ;v;
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh hey! I remember you  (and your Naruto charas). If you don't mind waiting around 2 weeks (maximum), I can slot you in. I only have 2 commissions I need to work on now. Just send me a reply/a note with the details?
sukotai's avatar
Ahhh I am so glad you recall! I was not too big onto my DA account back then but now I frequent it more than Gaia!

And of course! I will do so when I get the chance! ; v ;
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, just letting you know that I've removed you from the current list since I haven't gotten a reply in a week. Thanks
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
My memory is usually good when it comes to past commissioners since I remember most of the characters I draw. Haha.
And I've actually been quite inactive in both sites... but that's nothing new. I only really activated my Gaia account to get commissions so I check it around once to thrice a day.

And sure thing!
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ViiburnumHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Do you draw canon characters as well? ^^ <3
llianya's avatar
llianyaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh hi! I think we talked on Toyhouse as well but yes I do. 
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