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Object generated using Functy and rendered using Blender. Thanks to ~Tonyralano for the help and virtual lightbox!

The object is a spherical function with the following formula:

radius = (0.01*((1+cos(12*(a+(p*2)))*sin(p))+(1+cos(3*a+p)))),

colour (R, G, B) = ((1+cos(p*2))/2, 0.3, cos(12*(a+(p*2)))>0.9).

Unfortunately the rendering is a bit grainy, probably because of the way I set up the lighting, but I wasn't sure how to solve this. The resulting 3D print can be found here: [link]
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LuxXeon|Professional Digital Artist
Awesome! I love the photo of the printed version of this object too, and actually thought that one was a render at first, until seeing this just now. What is Functy? I'll have to check it out. Upload more renders. Would love to see more of your works.
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Thanks, I appreciate you saying so :) It's amazing how precisely the printer matches the model, and if I was better at using Blender, I'm sure it would be possible to make the print and render almost indistinguishable. I'd love to upload more renders, if only I had the time to create them. I have no idea how you and others here are able to generate them with such apparent speed! (although I suspect it has something to do with talent, proficiency and dedication).

Functy is an application for rendering formulas (Cartesian, spherical and parametric curves) that I've been writing (hence why I plug it as often as possible ;) ). It's incredibly basic compared to the software you use I'm afraid.
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Thanks :) Blender does do a fine job!
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AnthonyRalano|Professional Digital Artist
Looks so real!
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Sorry, I posted but it was supposed to be a reply. This is the third time I've made that mistake.

What I was supposed to say was: Thank you for your post. Blender does do a fine job!
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