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Lissajous (animation)

By llewelld
Animated 3D Lissajous figure. There is also a larger version (76MB download).

This is an animated PNG, so you'll need a browser which supports APNGs to view the animation (and you'll also need to wait for all the frames to load before it'll run smoothly).

The Lissajous uses three sine waves, one for each dimension, with relative frequencies of (3, 5, 4):

x = sin((3*2*π*(a+t))+(π/2))
y = sin((5*2*π*(a+t))+π)
z = sin((4*2*π*a)+π)

The Lissajous models were generated using Functy then imported and rendered using a script in Blender Cycles. There's also a physical version of the Lissajous available for print from Shapeways.
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Nice work, thanks for sharing

Cool animation! I didn't even know APNGs existed..
Is this a "physical" simulation or a rotation on an axis of your mode ?
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Thanks Tony! It's a simple pattern, but benefits from your smooth background and lighting rig!