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what did I do to get this treatment....

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okay I really don't know how...what is this. I don't even

1.I never look good on camera no matter what. so don't ask for fucking PIC!! RRRAAAGGGEEEE. >:I

2.if you don't get your music knowledge right, no matter what it is, I'll fucking murder you.no matter what genre it is I'll fucking defend it.Calling any band that slightly screams or roars is label Scream-o like Andrew WK or rise against or in flames(you get the point.) , I'll fucking power bomb you.

3.you can power bomb me if I get some anime and/or cartoon you love and I don't know jack shit.seriously I don't watch much of that or understand jap phrases.I've been called the lamest shit that I don't understand.EXAMPLE: Baka. took me 10 mins to google it. >:I (mother fuckers)

4.I rather choose friendship over relationships.Why? because I don't see myself doing that shit.(inb4 I get into one and its the best thing in my life and talk about it all the unnecessary times about how awesome it is.yeah I know karma bites those dumb bastards in the ass all the time when people say dumb shit  like this.) moving on now. >_>

5.Pale skin, brown eyes, black hair. sucks that I get mistaken for a white dude every 7/10 times I meet someone new.I need more sun....

6.I don't get why people don't believe me when I tell them "I never smoked or drink in my life"* rubs head* fucking dumb-asses play me as a stereotype young native punk.I fucking hate stereotypes.

7.I wish I could sing or voice act.either way singing in a band or voice acting saves me trouble leaning guitar or animating.YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. I'm an lazy bastard.

8.I have a major sweet tooth.if you ever meet me you always see me with a bag of sweets.if you wants some I'm okay with it but you cant have my fuzzy peaches unless you have something to offer.you know what I'm talking about ;D

well fuck this noise.

The guy who does math for art: :iconbarking-mad2:
The friend till the end: :icon50v3r31gn:
The guy who wonders what he's fighting for: :iconkamelik:
The little gal: :iconcaseria5687:
The always happy: :iconkenny-boy:
The cunt destroyer: :icontheamazingrock:
The dude who saves his beer: :icongamble211:
last and not least
The Trap that rapes: :iconmiirkat:
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... i've allaready done this >.<

i'll do it anyway