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Tira Animated Pixel Decoration

Hello there and welcome :happybounce:! I'm Llanella :la:! I'm just a

software developer that does art (and occasionally baking) in her spare

time, learning along the way :aww:.

May have played a little too much Neopets back in the day :noes:.

Currently working on a graphic novel and worldbuilding project called Patissereign :dummy:!

(profile heavy WIP please forgive me ^^;)

My Current Project!

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A world completely made of desserts and sweets, follow the lives of

the poor mortals that have to live among their rather clingy gods that

want to be friends with them. Maybe a little too much so...

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Want to jump into a storyline? Start off with the currently running

mini comic Game, Set, Regret here:

[Patissereign] Game, Set, Regret - Pg1
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Want to explore the world? Check out the ToyHouse!


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Or check out some of the characters in-depth here:

(Patissereign) Tira Ref Sheet 2021
(Patissereign) Charlie Ref Sheet 2021
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Concept Art

Mid Morning Anguish
Time of Our Lives (Old)
(Patissereign) [Creepy Warning] Toxic Goddess
[Patissereign] Loving Danger

News and Events!

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Things currently going on :D

Updated July 29, 2022


Looking for comments? Itching to give some comments?

Take a look at


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Comment Bazaar!

Want more comments on your work? Or to give some nice,

insightful comments and critique? Then the comment bazaar

is for you :happybounce:!

Win quartz badges for giving out great comments to others

on the journal Rainbow La -plz account- !

Current Bazaar:

Previous bazaars (currently closed):

Bazaar #1

Bazaar #2

Challenge 7/21/22

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Art Features!

Current Open Features:

(Check back later ^^!)

Check out some amazing artists here in these past features :D!

April 21, 2021 Feature

Graphic Novel Feature

Adoptables Feature July 5, 2021

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Cool Things Others are Doing!

Looking for a raffle to enter? Commissions or adopts?

New comics to follow? Or just want to advertise? Check out

these journals by others to see what others

are currently offering!

[none at the moment!]

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Guides, Tutorials and Stuff :D

Things that are hopefully helpful ^_^

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Current Piece in Progress

If you want to know what the heck I'm currently

doing with my life (artistically at least) ;P

I normally try upload a full rendered

piece every 2-4 weeks :D!

Currently working on:

Game, Set, Regret comic

A short comic featuring Tira and Charlie and Tira's

absolutely favorite thing in the world...sports

(Updates 1-2 times a month!)



Page 7: Inking...

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~My personal dA etiquette :D ~

How I try to handle comments, favs, watches, and everything

in between :3

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~Watches :+devwatch:~

If you watch me, thank you so much first of all ;-;. You're super

awesome ^-^ :happybounce::squee:!

Also, if I don't watch you, it's not because your art is bad or

I hate you or anything, so don't worry :D! It's just if you do more

NSFW/risque subject matter, I get a bit intimidated by that,

that's all ^^; .

Also, I try to really be an active watcher if possible, but if I'm

maxed out with how many people to be active with, I may not

watch new people for a while just because I don't want to

be a ghost ;-;.

~Favs :+fav:~

Same as watches, I really truly appreciate every single fav :D!

So thank you!

Also, feel free to fav and run if you want, I don't mind one bit :aww: !

~Llamas 3D Llama Badge ~

If you llama me, I'll llama back :D.

Walking llama

If you've been given a llama, you're totally welcome

by the way ^-^.

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About Llamas

If you're wondering why you got a llama, they're just

fun to give out randomly ^-^! I'm trying to reach 100k llamas,

so I'm giving them out to get to that goal :happybounce:!

If you don't like llamas, you can turn off llama notifications by

going to your account settings, scroll to the bottom, and check

"Disable message center notifications for badges", then you

won't see any more! Sometimes people won't see warnings on

your profile as there's a "One Click Llama Button" extension to

easily give llamas, so this is the best way to disable llama notifs.

~Responding to forum posts/comments/notes~

I try my hardest to respond to every post and comment at

least once :D. However, I tend to wait a few hours to let other

people respond, then I'll go back and respond in batches :).

Same thing with comments. So I'm not ignoring you,

don't worry, lol.


If we've been talking on the forums or some other comments

or notes, sometimes, to avoid seeming like I'm spamming you,

I may not respond to something else if it's a short comment,

but just like the post instead. I really don't want to spam

people ;-;. But I really appreciate every

conversation and note :D

If you read all this, you're amazing :D. Thank you for

coming to my TED talk.

If you thank me for a llama, fav or watch,

you're totally welcome ^-^! I might not be able to respond to

your message if a lot of people thank me at once,

but I really appreciate your kindness :3.