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{QUICK DRAW} Dashie Has a Cold

Just a really quick picture I made. XD Dashie has a cold and a tissue box on her head :3
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It might be too late to comment, but this is sooo cute! : D
keaton-furman-prower's avatar
Maybe she needs a hug! :hug:
DolphinBuster's avatar
Living this right now... I KNOW YOUR FEELS, DASH!
fuzzyhead12's avatar
hey dashie welcome in the club *couthing* i have the cold too*cothing* we could have together the cold *squeecothing*
journcy's avatar
That is so adorable. :iconrdsoawesomeplz:
ThePonyWithoutAName's avatar
Ugh, I feel her pain. *sniff*
attack193's avatar
DAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! She is so adorable!!!! XD
yellowfox780's avatar
*Hands over my Ramen to Dash*
Joey-Darkmeat's avatar
HHHMMMMNG Adorable Dashie is best Dashie :heart:
That's really freaking cute, loving it :D
goukai's avatar
JFPierre's avatar
this is awesome
Ashoof's avatar
aww poor dashie. hope she gets better soon!
LlamasWithKatanas's avatar
I have a feeling she will :D
BugflyTk's avatar
That's so awesome! /)^3^(\
DeVangiel's avatar
Awwwww... I'll make you some soup Dashie :love:
LlamasWithKatanas's avatar
I'm sure she'd love that :D
Gemini-Productions's avatar
newdisaster77's avatar
Dashie looks like me right now! Though, a lot more awesome ;) thanks for letting me watch again! It turned out fantastic, as is tradition...
LlamasWithKatanas's avatar
Pfff You look way more awesome, lady! You always do no matter what :3
chuggaaconroy64's avatar
awwwwwwwwwwww pour dashie
SwanLullaby's avatar
I will take care of you, sweety ^^
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