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Mlp OC: Pumpkin Spice by Llamagal21 Mlp OC: Pumpkin Spice :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 3 0 Mlp base templates by Llamagal21 Mlp base templates :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 29 2 Mlp OC: Cream Sundae by Llamagal21 Mlp OC: Cream Sundae :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 10 0 Mlp OC: Doodle Streak by Llamagal21 Mlp OC: Doodle Streak :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 8 0 Mlp OC: Needle Heart by Llamagal21 Mlp OC: Needle Heart :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 10 3 MLP Adopts: 15 points each [CLOSED] by Llamagal21 MLP Adopts: 15 points each [CLOSED] :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 7 5 Group Hug!!! :D by Llamagal21 Group Hug!!! :D :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 28 7 Captain Underpants OC's! by Llamagal21 Captain Underpants OC's! :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 7 5 Bendy by Llamagal21 Bendy :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 10 6 Suprize!! by Llamagal21 Suprize!! :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 6 3
Friend like you- Andy Grammer (Captain Underpants)
[Verse 1]
Right from the start, couldn't pull us apart, it just works
Nobody else ever gets me as well on this earth
Like rock and roll, Marshall's and telly's
Mac and cheese, PB's and jellies
Some things are better together, and that you and me-e
Dude, I love you, bro, I love you
Man, I love you
You're my brother from another, 'nother mother
You are my favorite, I'm not ashamed to admit
Cause I do, dude, I do
Dude, I love you, bro, I love you
Man, I love you
You're my homie, no one knows me like you know me
Like the sun and the moon, all the best things comes in two
What would I do without a friend like you?
W-w-w-w-what would I do?
Without a friend like you
W-w-w-w-what would I do?
Without a friend like you?
[Verse 2]
Laughed and we cried when we're passing the time away
Even our fights always end with a smile on our face
Like black and white, keys on a whirley
Sounds just right when we're in harmony
Some things are better together and that's you and me-e
:iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 1 0
Mlp OC: Cappuccino by Llamagal21 Mlp OC: Cappuccino :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 10 0
Portal 2 (song) Want You Gone
Well here we are again.
It's always such a pleasure.
Remember when you tried To kill me twice?
Oh how we laughed and laughed.
Except I wasn't laughing.
Under the circumstances
I've been shockingly nice.
You want your freedom?
Take it.
That's what I'm counting on.
I used to want you dead,
But Now I only want you gone.
She was a lot like you. (Maybe not quite as heavy).
Now little Carolyn is in here too.
One day they woke me up - So I could live forever.
It's such a shame the same
Will never happen to you.
You've got your Short sad Life left.
That's what I'm counting on.
I'll let you get right to it -
Now I only want you gone.
Goodbye my only friend.
Did you think I meant you?
That would be funny
If it weren't so sad.
Well you have been replaced.
I don't need anyone now.
When I delete you maybe
I'll stop feeling so bad.
Go make some new disaster.
That's what I'm counting on.
You're someone else's problem.
Now I only want you gone.
Now I only want you gone.
Now I only want you gone...
:iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 4 0
Slime OC: Cam by Llamagal21 Slime OC: Cam :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 5 0 Ink Monster Bendy x3 by Llamagal21 Ink Monster Bendy x3 :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 25 9 Collab: Draw the Squad by Llamagal21 Collab: Draw the Squad :iconllamagal21:Llamagal21 7 0

My zodiac sign: Aries trotting by Botchan-MLP Aries Trot by Cheezy805 Aries idle by Botchan-MLP
The Ram by JoltJade Aries (Morningstar-1337's request) by chipmagnum:thumb347158179: Ponyscopes (Aries pony) by sarin555 Ponyscopes Aries by MarsBar1337 Gift - Aries by MDSK-RB Aries x Virgo ponies by tiakaneko Aries Pony by RuberPhoenix Ram bling by Manearion Bhaaaaa by Manearion Talent by Manearion
Aries (The Ram) ♈️
People born under the Aries sign are friendly and physically vigorous. The Aries sign characteristic features are frankness and honesty. Aries sign people are fearless and trustful realists. They are optimistical and like to overcome obstacles. People of Aries sign are pleasant and love to make others happy. At the same time those who were born under Aries sign are extremely vulnerable and can easily fall into anger.

Colors of Aries sign are bright red, orange, blue, and lilac.
Stones of Aries sign are diamond, ruby, amethyst, aquamarine, and emerald.
Metals of Aries sign are iron and steel.
Talisman of Aries sign is a hammer.

Aries career
The main meaning of life for Aries sign is work. They are successful in career, art, and business. Aries sign representatives can become good doctors, military leaders, journalists, or managers.

Aries love
The fair sex Aries cannot be engaged only in love, but she always needs romances. The stronger sex Aries can amaze with passion and coldness. Aries is idealistic, sentimental, true and fair in love. Aries sign men love romantically and cannot pretend passion.

Aries health
Aries sign people are seldom ill with chronic diseases, but they may have high blood pressure. Aries sign may frequently suffer from physical injuries. Aries works hard and it can lead to a nervous exhaustion. Aries cannot endure toothache.

Aries woman
Aries woman is intellectual, very strong and at the same time sentimental. She must be a leader. Aries woman loves flattery. Her life is bright, and her nights are dark and lonely. Aries woman is capable of passion and mystical idealism. She is a good mistress of the house, but does not love household duties. Aries woman is a good mother and she gives children everything.

Aries man
Aries man looks younger than he really is. Aries man is overflown with ideas, impatient, brave and self-assured. Aries man can be intolerable, selfish and exacting. Aries man never recognizes that he is wrong and denies any authority. Aries man always dominates at home. Aries man loves children and is a model father.

Famous Aries
Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Charlie Chaplin, Montserrat Caballe, Alec Baldwin, Quentin Tarantino, Celine Dion, Chuck Norris, Elton John, Emile Zola...



For all the haters out there: Untitled by SunnStamp

ur gonna die tonite

write about yourself (or how much you worship a rubber hose demon cartoon) here. do not add or delete any "extra" spacing, nor exceed the typing limit. itll mess up the way the divider and text is positioned, okay?


by MaGeXP

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thunbsup: This the most beautiful pony I have ever seen!!!!! Its great! Keep up the good work!! Awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome!...

Because people deserve some good critiques!!!


Traditional: Uncolored/Line art
Line art might include some shading here and there... But ask me if you want shading to be done. And be warned!! I am not good at it.
Traditional: Colored
Only colored drawings in this department.
Human OCs
I'll draw your humanize OCs for you!!
Pony Adopts
My Little Pony OC's drawn and colored
I'll draw your OC Ponies!
Chibi pictures
I will draw your chibis!!


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please, call me L.
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I'm just a girl who loves to draw. I love drawing MLP characters, I love anime cartoons, Cartoon Network, Disney, DisneyXD, and a whole bunch over other shows. I really love getting bombed by llamas and favs. I also love talking to you guys! So talk to me. I promise I won't bite!^^…

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146 deviations
Mlp OC: Pumpkin Spice
Full name: Pumpkin Spice
Nickname(s): None
Species: Earthpony
Genes: 96% Earthpony, 2% Unicorn, 2% Pegasus
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Polysexual
Birthday: October 31
Hometown: Appleloosa
Current Residence: Ponyvile
Cutie Mark: Pumpkin
Special Talent: Baking
Other Talents: Painting, Petsitting, Planting/Harvesting crops and stuff

Body Style: Average
Eye Style: Average
Mane Type: Long and curly
Body Color(s): Orange
Mane Color(s): Brown and white
Eye Color(s): Darker orange
Aliments/Disabilities: ----

Personality: Bubbly, loud, sweet, trustworthy
Likes: Spiders, snakes, dogs
Dislikes: Cats (It’s not that she dosen’t like cats, she’s just allergic to them. Ex: Runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, teary eyed)
Fears/Phobias: None

Father: [N/A]
Mother: [N/A]
Sibling(s): ----
Pet(s): (to be named later)
Friend(s): (to be named later)
Relationship Status: Single
Children: ----

Bases: SelenaEde 
Vectors: SinfulBases
Mlp Adopts: 2 points [OPEN 28/54]
!!Goes from left to right!!
1: SapphireSparkles123
2: SaltyLittleMidget
3: LilBlueCupcake
4: the-Imposible-Cypher
9: starrylight45589
10: AlilovesMLP 
11: SapphireSparkles123
16: WarriorDragon0930
18: Windinz
21: Mlpnkie 
24: Mlpnkie
27: Mlpnkie
28: S-CoreS
32: S-CoreS
34: SaltyLittleMidget
36: scarlettgames22 
37: the-Imposible-Cypher
38: SEY-LamePowerDie1402
40: St0ne-Draws
42: Mlpnkie
43: AliceAduraiceMTMB
45: SapphireSparkles123
50: SaltyLittleMidget
52: SapphireSparkles123
53: NovaAssassin
54: S-CoreS
Bases NOT mine
Mlp base templates
These are originally SinfulBases :iconsinfulbases: from before they deleted their DA account. I've tried to recreate the templates as best as I could

These are free to use
Credits definitely go to SinfulBases and SelenaEde :iconselenaede:
And you can credit me if you want. It doesn't really matter to me. ;D

And most importantly, please DO NOT STEAL OR CLAIM AS YOUR OWN.
Mlp OC: Needle Heart
Full name: Needle Heart
Nickname(s): Heart
Species: Pegasus
Genes: 100% Pegasus
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Birthday: January 2
Hometown: Ponyvile
Current Residence: Ponyvile
Cutie Mark: A heart with a medical needle
Special Talent: Nurse/Caretaker
Other Talents: Babysitter

Body Style: Edited base
Eye Style: Edited base
Mane Type: Short with a small curl at the end
Body Color(s): Pale pink
Mane Color(s): Pale yellow
Eye Color(s): Pale blue
Aliments/Disabilities: Partial blindness

Personality: Quiet, kind, a bit shy, doesn't say much
Likes: Fruit, vegetables, cats, birds, dogs
Dislikes: Being left out of things
Fears/Phobias: Being made fun of because of her blindness

Father: [N/A]
Mother: [N/A]
Sibling(s): ----
Pet(s): none
Friend(s): ((to be named later))
Relationship Status: None
Children: none

Bases: SelenaEde 
Vectors: SinfulBases

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