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We just lost a good friend (my bride's best friend). She was killed by a serial killer. The murderer was caught this night by the Police, but I still feel this hatred towards the world, where things like this can happen.
And sadness.

Rest in Peace Judy.
Nothing big stuff, I just found out that my begging for points is useless, since the llama craze went down, and nowadays everyone has a donation poll.

I will be always grateful for the points, but the feature stuff is over.

For my friends: I've joined Facebook, if You want to find me, drop me a note, with or without Your real name, and I will contact You there, or I (in case You don't gave me your name) am going to send my name :D.

Oh, and the magic number is 27 now ;)
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Long pause in this journal stuff, ciz I moed from home to a flat with my fianceé, and nowadays I don't have too much time. Anyway, here we go.

Llama Shirt feature thing part 2.

Up for the Llama T-Shirt.… (Llama T-Shirt)

The donations came from:
1-20 donators can be found here:… (Llama Shirt feature 1.)

...and the new kind donators:

Photos again! :D Some ideas with the perspective and voila:… (Ahhh My Brains)… (Very Little Sister) and… (I have little friends) .  I want to try this with my diecast cars :D.… (When She Just Small) is a nice manip. And this one (… (Sunrise) ) is here cuz the tree reminds me of the tree in Minas Tirith :D.

A photographer and photomanipulator lady from "unknown" (:)). I've selected some pictures and manips from Her gallery. First hera are some flowers, cuz I always found interesting to capture the living colors, to try to reproduce the colors of a flower:… (a wild flower) - very beautiful flower,… (whiteness) ,… (Pride and Beauty) and… (Gift of God) . Oh, and my Mother used to be a Gardener :). The next flower themed picture means sligthly different to me, cuz in… (empty souls) I recognized me and my Babe - we have a lot of self portraits in the same layout :D. And she likes Tulips :D. The other featured deviations are phot manips, which I found interesting:… (a dream in black and white) ,… (Helene) are well done.… (The cosmic dancer) and… (Amber) are brilliant! The first on could be a bookjacket illustration (some romantic-fantasy), the second one is a perfect illustration for some historic love romance (or for some Emily Bromte, and alike book :) )

I am not so pastel, so I might not fav pastel stuff :) (But I encourage You to do if You are :D), so I feature -again- photos :D. So:… (Memories of a Summer) - so 70's feeling, I can recall the colorpalette from my mom's pictures :).… (Sunset In Paris) is a beautiful - even it is modified - picture, and I love… (Notre Dame de l Assomption). I love monumental buildings.

She is a productive photographer (easier to pick, but so hard to chose my favs :)). Let the pictures speak for themselves :D. Landscapes and stuff:… (Tie Your Boat Up Mister) ,… (Armageddon) -  reminds me of CoDMW2 :D,… (Lighthouse) ,… (After the Storm) - this is the better version :), and… (Sand Dunes) . People:… (Fishing) ,… (Football In Action) - Kid in the Move :D,… (Mother And Child) - the Younglings expression is a win :), amd… (Guitar Hero) - You can't be too young to start :D! "Macro":… (Secret Of Night Vision) - an evil urban legend from our past :D, and… (Travelling via Fingertip) - Or if I would have magic powers, it would be demolishing via Fingertip :D.

I am confused, cuz I feel I would feature a lot stuff from a such charitable person (the amount of points doesn't the most important, but You know, the constience (?)) like zenx007, but - right now - He does not have that many deviations. Anyway, here are my picks:… (NinjaNun by love the rain) - I know, it is a commission pic, but the concpt is also awesome. I can imagine a movie about Her (I don't know, I would see an A or a B or a Zs (the evry last caharacter in my language :)) movie...). The other one is… (Cero02) . It is not only a well done draw, but it also emerges the question: Why aren't there much more drawings like this in His gallery???

I picked photos again :D. I guess, that's my medium...… (Ze Spinika Tower) It is farly believeable, that this pic was made in England! :D - check the description of the deviation!… (Swim My Pretties Swim Like Fish) is a simple yet interesting picture about some cheramic(?) fish statues.… (Forest Of Snow) and… (That's My Christmas Tree) would be good Christmas Postcard illustrations :D.

Got some points from Her a long time ago, but I had no patience to do what I have to do. With apologies, I correct my mistake right now :D. Here are the deviations:… (Animation practice o2) reminds me of… (Ragdoll Masters) which I played a lot back in the days, and… (Pixelified Edward Elric) - I don't really know, what this is, but I like mosaic/pixelstuff.

I am confused with Her arts, cuz most of them are montages, and I don't know about the people on them :D. I don't think it is my bad, in fact it is a matter of choice ;). One guy I recognize:… (Jack Shephard Lost) :D. And I found somehing I actually like:… (Jennifer's body) . Cuz I like horrorstuffs.

An artist with colorful drawings. I don't really understand anthro/furry and stuff (don't blame me :D), I can only say one or two things about the lines and the colors. Anyway, here are my chosen ones:… (Kookaburra...) - cuz not ong ago I saw Kookaburras on a show, and I liked them :D.… (Cacao Forg II) and… (Cacao Frog) - cuz I always liked frogs, and cacao (or cocoa) is almost coffee ;). And… (Who are U - Process) - this one is kool! :D

Some photos again, mostly quiet, and relaxing pics with deep colors:… (One green leaf) is catching something of the Autumn.… (Above the path) - This place must be quiet and perfect for some thinking. (And it looks like a dirt track fro BMX bikes... :D)… (The gate is open) - Nice colors!… (Small fountain) - something interesting in the contrast between the clean bricks and the watered surface.

Tutorials are always great, so I feature two coloring tut:… (How to Colour Hair -Sai) and… (How to CG eyes). And finally… (Me and My iPod) - just because :D.

The Nerdy loveletter is good :…

If You want to help me, plz give me some points. I can give You a feature.
Anyway, here's my baggin' link:… (Give LlamaDalai points)


New feature by :iconterriblywrong: here:… (Life As We Know It - V)

I am glad :D


3549 llamas - King of Llamas :D

Still up for the spartaaaaaaaaan llamaaaaaaaaaaaa

that night we'll dine in hell! :D
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Up for the Llama T-Shirt.… (Llama T-Shirt)

Feature Thing!
The donations came from:
:iconalovelylie:… (Wings) This one got me!

The first one is for the Message, the second one is for itself:… (Her selfo portrait)… (No point)

I don't like tribal tattoos too much, but this one is pretty cool metaloverlord0001.deviantart.c… (Dragon tribal tattoo), and this one must be featured by me(I think You can easily see why :D) metaloverlord0001.deviantart.c… (Legin of Llamas)

Apples :D. The concpet of this on… (Freedom) is great. This stands for the another one also… (We will remember them).
I like them.

I love the way She sees the world: the potential in every item to be the base of art. The pictures of everyday items become art in Her photos. A want to be an artist with this mind, but I don't have enough time for that :D. Anyway, here are my favorites:… (Like some soft barbed-wire :))… (The butchers old tool as a handle)… (Something has ears there... :))… (I love the shades of this!)

I've chosen two photographs, which I found interesting (I'm becoming more and more phot-centric...):… (A Light in the Dark ) and… (darkness won't come, easily...) All of them is about the darkness-light theme, and I like them.

I found two drawings interesting:… (I See A... doggie) and… (An Apple A Day - WWJD). The first one is kinda kool. On the second one I like the WWJD script :D. I think 'J' doesn't mean Jesus... or it does?

He is a skilled artist from the East (Singapore, I presume), and He has some pretty photographs from the far and exotic land, I can't even imagine :D. I would feature som many pictures, but I have to control myself, otherwise my journal would be too long :D. So here they… (Balancing) - this is a really cool picture, the Force is strong with this one (Yes, I'm watching Star Wars). The critique says it all, I'm going with it. The secon one is… (A Lost Boat). It shows the duality (as I can see) in the Eastern soul. With all my respect :D. The third one was an easy pick :) :… (Llama Give You Wings).

Lot of photos to look at, some are really good. I picked… (Young Baz 6) ,… (Hetty and Flo ID) ,… (In the sky. 2). The first one is just cute, the doggie looks so intelligent, so human in his eyes. On the second pic the pigs look so cool. I don't know why, but they look like a gang or smthing :D. The third one isn't the best quality, but I found interesting the lines of that river. It looks like a dragon's body. Dragonball :D.

Again, a photo and a some manips, I guess I am more and more into visual arts :D. The first is s simple, yet nice picture… (Cards). The second is kinda interesting idea:… (Lune) Reminds me of my eye after the surgery :) The third one is an interesting landscape, I surely would check that planet:… (Peaceful Fantasy) .

I don't really understand the cosplay thing (I do understand, but I've no motivations) so I picked three photos again :D. The first is… innocent) cuz I like dogs. The second and the third are potos about a young cat called Prussia. Here they are:… (precious Prussia) and… (my cute kitten) .

So many commissions! And so many nice drawings with a sense of humor! This time no photos :D. Here they are:… (The dark side of goodness) (I make up some names...:)) ,… (Try to frie this one!) . This one is EPIC:… (Sometimes) . My favorite Batline, straight from the utility-belt :D. And… (Llama for points) is simply awesome!

Wow, 20 points! He is an artist with visual art pieces. Here are my faved arts from His gallery:… (Ink) - very psychedelic - should upload more pics like this :).… (City Scape 2) Brings back good memories from my childhood - My Commodore 64 Personal Computer was my comp for a decade :D.… (Night Terror) is an interesting picture, I like it very much. And the last one is also a psychedelic one, but a 3D one:… (Midnight Dream) .

A very productive photographer from france. A traveller with so many photographs! Hard to chose a few of them, so I'm requesting You to check her gallery :). First theme is cats:… (A sunny summer afternoon.)… (Fatigue.)… (Edelweiss. 2nd)… (Nice to meet you.) - this cat looks clever :),… (Clean.) - and a great warrior ,… (Lonely.) - and somehow it seems to have enormous power :D. 2nd is everything else :):… (Retro.)… (King Kong...) - I love LEGO, and… (Vole au vent.) .

She is a horror and maccabre artist. The first is a… (Dragon Eye) . Remind me of the old Discworld game's beginning :D. The other one is also a draw, named… (Laughind dead) , which would be a good Hardcore LP or CD front! :D

An artist with so many colorful pieces. Here is four of them:… (Life.) - this on reminds me of the book called Perelandra. The second one is… (Merlin and Viviane-2) - great color usind and the set up is so dynamic!… (New destination-edited) - this is a simple but somehow harmonic little drawing (it might took some time, but it looks like it was easy to make - but I don't imply it was ACTUALLY easy to draw). And the last one is… (Line - Here's my fantasy world) - this was the first I saw. The perspective is kool, I'd like to see it in colors.

A talented photomanipulator is the next one in the list: The first pic is theothercraftlord.deviantart.c… (Dear Kitty) , which is a well known urban legend's image. I like theothercraftlord.deviantart.c… (Hidden 8Ball) 'cuz my subcultural links, and theothercraftlord.deviantart.c… (Calderon Tower) is for the dark feeling: it reminds me of the movie called The Rock, and some Endoftheworld-catastrophy Outer Limits episode :D. theothercraftlord.deviantart.c… (Caesar and Cleopatra) is a well done coloring! And the last one, theothercraftlord.deviantart.c… (Crater Lake) is for the scenery.

A productive writer and a fractal artist (the first I know). I like the fractals, since my childhood, and these ones remind me of pinstripings :D. Here they are:… (Crispen Flowers)… (Spiritual light)… (Electric wave)… (Golden fire) . And the odd one… (Octopus LOVE).

A very productive artist with a lot of anthro and furry(?) stuff, which I don't really know, so I picked my features from Her other stuff :D. First some cold pics, cuz they are somehow faerieish, and cuz there isa lmost 40˙C here...… (Winter 3)… (Winter 6) . This one… (Love tea) harmonizes with my deviation called Smile, dragonheads cuz I see the differences and like them:… (1-2)… (3-4) and go check the Lion King draws in Her gallery (My little sistzer used to draw L.K. also :D)

She is a photmanip girl from th 'states with some good stuff. Two manips:… (The heaven in music) is a well done picture, I saw it when I was listening to Queensryche, and somehow it got me :D. The second one is… (XINJIANG) , which is a powerful one, altough I'm not sure what it wanna say to us O.o (It reminds me of the situation in the Gulf bay :( ). And here are some NYC photos:… (Darken your eyes) and… (Camera in my hands) - NY in my fantasy is something like this (Did Will Smith catch the zombie (vampire) woman under this bridge???)

If You want to help me, plz give me some points. I can give You a feature.
Anyway, here's my baggin' link:… (Give LlamaDalai points)


I've been featured again by :iconlonedoggy: here:… (Macro Feature! Live! Part 2)

I am so happy :D.


1013 llamas - Ladies, Gentlemans, thou shall see, I am so fancy.:D

Up for the spartaaaaaaaaan llamaaaaaaaaaaaa

that night we'll dine in hell! :D
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Up for the Llama T-Shirt.
If You want to help me, plz give me some points. I can't give You anything in change - maybe a free advertisement, or sthing.
Anyway, here's my baggin' link:…


Now I have 67 Llama Badges :D.
100 Badge! In this moment... :D
218 in this moment.
And thx to DA my llama became a super albino...
Now I am at 253. Gona need some more, so give me Llamas! :D
I'll return the kindness with a llama, and maybe with some favs, if I like what I see (and have some time to check Your Gallery)
345 llamas! I gona get that spartan llamaaaaaaaaaaaa

And I've been featured by :iconrokte: here:The Day Article Vol. 1 with my picture:…

I am very happy! My first feature :D.

Up for the spartaaaaaaaaan llamaaaaaaaaaaaa

that night we'll dine in hell! :D

Thanks for Your Help!

oh and:
For the girlz!
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But I sent some Llama Badges, and I hope someone will send me one :D.
I like llamas :).
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Found in :iconholdtancos: 's journal.

And this is funny.
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I'm 26.
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A Happy New Year!
And 2010 is not the end, in further Asia there is already 2010.(But they follow another calendar... :D)
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Merry Christmas to You all!
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Last weekend we had a show, and I've bought a cool 100% HW set, with waht I've fell in love some years ago, first sight :D.
Before I introduce it to my readers, to You, I must post a picture of my other great love, the §56 Ford Pickup I've bought some months ago:…
And the great set:…

It's a shame, I did not have the time to make my own photos, but sooner or later I'll make some.
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"Please read the requirements to continue this interesting idea.
Be one of the first 18 people commenting on this journal entry, and I'll add you to the Promotional list, Spam will not count so please be serious.
For each of the 18 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most.
If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, complete this way the list with 18 people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone.
It's a good idea to leave a comment of what you think of the person you are featuring!
This is not necessary but trust me you'll make someone smile :)
So here we go!!

Holdtáncostól van, vele kezdem.

Feel free to comment.

:iconholdtancos: - Hello Oska - Pasta knows your secret - The young weapon expert...
Talán furcsa, hogy egy olyan művésztől, aki főleg rajzol csak ké.peket rakok fel, de nekem ezek tetszenek.(aaz anthro/furry/szerepjáték dolgot (ami nem fantasy,cyberpunk,horror :D) meg nem értem :() Az első mert idegen, fura, meg morbid :D. A második abszolút a pasta miatt(Hamarost kifáradok a hűtőhöz, és megmelegítem a pastámat :D). A harmadik meg annyira. Én egy kicsit idősebb voltam, amikor félautomata rendőrpsiztoly (azért írom ilyen hülyén, mert fogalmam sincs, milyen tí.pus volt...) volt a kezemben. Az aurámban már akkor is benne volt a "konstans indiántemető", így csoda, hogy életben maradtam.

:iconprorider: - Rat Rod Bug 2 - Volksrod - Autoclasica 2009 -30
Two favorites from this fellow kustomizer and diecast collector - car enthusiast- are 1:64 custom volksrods, and a bigger Bug. The first two favs was easy to chose, because I'm a kustomizer myself, and I appreciate the hard work in those(and I like 'rods of any kind :D (the first one is a scratchbuild 1:64 model!...)). The third on gave me a headache: I didn't want to mention only kustom die-casts, and He has some really nice photos about classic rides... I put my 5 cents on a true beauty shot from a necktwisting angle :D











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Saturday my Babe and me were on an Oldtimer Show and I shot a plenty of photos. the probleme is that Our camera is too tired (or maybe they fucked it up at the repair...), and it depleeds the batteries really fast :(. So the most of the pictures were taken with my Babe's mobilephone.
Yep, its an excuse for the blurry pics. But the angles are cool... Or not :D.
Neext time, I promise.
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I've been informed about something, that makes me proud:
Tourist Guy is Hungarian.…

Fogalmam se volt róla...
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Hazajöttem Debrőből, túl vagyok az operációmon, megműtötték a bal szemem, így egy kicsit beljebb van a szembogaram (kevésbé divergál).
Altatást nem kértem, nem akartam utána rosszul lenni, meg ugye egy érdekes tapasztalattal lettem volna szegényebb.
Így végig éreztem, hogy mit csinálnak a szememmel. Egy picit láttam is a végére :D. Érdekes volt, hogy mozgott a szemgolyóm, de nem arra, amerre én akartam, hanem ahogy mozgatták :D.
A külső izmok rendesen érzéstelenek voltak, a belsőnél nem lehetett ezt elérni, így annál jobban éreztem, hogy mi zajlik éppen. Vicces érzés, amikor az orvosi fonalat áthúzzák a szemet mozgató izmon :D. Meg amikor a szike átvág egy köteget. Az elején úgy éreztem magam, mint Dali egyik órája: a fél fejem el volt olvadva; míg aztán inkább valami horrorban szerepeltem :D.
Most szépen be van vérezve a szemem, viszketnek, illetve szúrnak a varratok, és egy pöttyet koszolódik is szemem. Kép talán holnap lesz.
Babám végig velem volt, és tartotta bennem a lelket, amiért nagyon hálás vagyok neki :D.

Yesterday my left eye was operated, to decrease the angle between my two eyes. My left eye is itchy, and it is in pain(and it is in blood), but the angle is much smaller, so it's worth it.
I was awake through the surgery, and the anesthesia wasn't perfect - the inner side of the eye is forbidden to be injected directly - so I felt a lot of things. It was bizarre :D.
Just like in a horror movie.
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Finally I have my own red dots! On tuesday morning I discovered my first dots on my right arm, and now I have 20-30 dots, just like my Girlfriend's(it's not over for Her neither... :(). Great...
On September 1. I would have an operation, and this fcukin infectionvirusallergy - red dots - may affect my operability.
Yep, life is great.
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I'm really busy these days, I was on a vacation, where my Girlfriend got some virus, or some other infection, and she has red dots all over Her body... Three weeks now, and the doctors can't tell us what are these... She can't do Her wrok properly, and I'm angry. Tired to go to one other doctor, and to hear another explanation.
Plus I have some works to do: Finish my brand new Spock model (from 1995!), finish some custom HWs for our next show (still have seven days...), find some electronics for a HW batmobile, etc etc.
And we have here a f'ckin hot summer, enough hot to lose all my pep. Yesterday I bought a bar of chocolate, and it completely melted on the way back home... Few minutes.
I can't paint my models properly in these hotness(the paints aren't designed to work properly in this temperature).

Aki ezt el tudja olvasni, annak nem kell leírnom, hogy milyen a közérzetem, vagyis hogy mi befolyásol mostanában leginkább. "Megzeberedek"
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Felraktam pár képet. Hullafáradt vagyok.
Otthon végre alakul a polcrendszer: kábé 4 éve ígérte meg fater, hogy lesz polc a szobánkban, de nem lett belőle semmi, és végül is megvoltunk nélküle, de most már kezd annyi Hotwheels-szem, LEGOm, 1:24-es és 1:18-as modellem lenni, hogy muszáj valami helyet találni nekik. Főleg, hogy ha majd viszem haza a gépem, semmi hely sem lesz neki, hisz az a párszáz HW ott csücsül az asztalon... Ha kész lesz, lövök képet róla.
Megyek aludni.
Holnap sok dolgom lesz.
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Üdv mindenkinek, aki ezt olvassa :D.
Jövőhét péntektől vasárnapig kiállítása lesz a HWCH-nak (Hotwheels Club Hungary) Budapesten, a Fővárosi Művelődési Házban.
Lesz mindenféle nyalánkság: Hotwheels kustomok(általam készített is, ha ez számít valamit :)), különleges darabok, gurító verseny, és elvileg kustomizálási lehetőség is.
De emellett lesz kint egy csomó LEGO is, meg még mindenféle jó dolog :D.
Ezen a linken meg lehet tekinteni a plakátot, és információt is lehet szerezni a kiállításról.…||m=enadb-hu||ff=ed||rid=316232254527711234393201
Ha van valami kérdés, bátran lehet kérdezni tőlem.
Várunk mindenkit szeretettel!
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Van értelme nekem printeket eladnom? egyet kértek, de nincs hozzá accountom. Megérné upgradelnem. Nincs lelkierőm most belevágni mindent elolvasni. Valakinek van ilyenje? Hogy kell megcsinálni? Tényleg ilyen negyed dollárokat lehet keresni vele?
Valaki írjon már, ha van tapasztalata.
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