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... She was your SISTER!



Oh look, I actually finished it! :D
Quick intro - I like to think that Sombra and Luna used to be best friends (in the start of their relationship, then they were more, lol). So when she became Nightmare Moon and got cursed in the moon, Sombra was desperated and blamed Tia for it (well it's not like she was innocent). Then, after all pain he went through he got mad and we all know where he ends (dead in the water... except for the water) 
Yeah I like tragic stories, don't look at me like that ;P
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Weird. In my FiMfics, it's the opposite. Sombra was kind of a jerk, but he and Luna were growing romantically close then he went all nutzo evil and the sisters had to banish him. That was the last straw in other stuff that happened and less than a year later, Nightmare Moon happens.