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P.A.W issue 2 by ll


Okayyyy soooo nobody cares, but for my own sanity at least, I finally got around to putting a coloured version of my verrrrry rarely updated comic project up over at "my website" – been a looooong time coming and real life has rather pushed this whole project way down my priority list – does this mean you’ll ever see issue #3? Well, never say never right? RIGHT?

Hope you enjoy reading it anyhow! :)

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Royal-Armouries-map-1 copy copy by ll

IT’S OVER 9000!!!! D:

Ahem… so, ‘tis the season for Thought Bubble map graphics and myself and :iconzak29: are not above this fine tradition - that lady with the nice shoulder pads in the infographic provided will hopefully be admiring our fine collection of stuff and things in the Royal Armouries Hall this weekend, including some sexy postcards if they arrive on time (last min? MOI?) and plenty of issues of P.A.W for your delectation. 

Come say hi why not! :)

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Space Channel 5 - Star Factor 9 poster by ll

Hey there Space Cats!

The STC Online team have put together a special edition of their comic focussing on sega allstar Ulala and the cast of Space Channel 5 with artists Leeann Hamilton and Clare Ryan working on a strip I wrote! *Proud*

 sees the intrepid investigator and star of Space channel 5, the one and only Ulala, in a brand new strip featuring one of her ratings winning reports - See what happens when the stars come out to play in "Star Factor 9"

Above is my wallpaper contribution to the special as well, a movie poster style cover to the story - Check out the wallpaper section of the site for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone variants for your screen!

Lastly for those of you missing your regualr STC content, there's a sneaky peek at what's coming up hopefully in 2014 to, so be sure to take a look!

For now though, keep that dial locked to the best news station around: Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace Channel 5! - See more at:…
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PAW-issue-2-at-thought-bubble-2013 by ll

Update time at last, and for a change it’s not excuses as to how woefully behind I am working on issue #2 because it’s all printed and stapled, ready to make it’s official debut at Leeds Thought Bubble on the 23rd and 24th November 2013 – woo! Here’s the offcial blurb for issue #2:

“Launching issue #2 of P.A.W protection Against Wrongdoers at Thought Bubble 2013, artist and writer Chris Gould invites readers to explore the city of Puppville, a place where until recently, Canines and Felines had been living together in a delicate balance of power – when that balance was destroyed and the fur started to fly, Canine Alex Stix became caught up in events that would place her in the protective custody of a mysterious group calling themselves P.A.W, via agents Bones and Spot.

So just who are these guys? What is this organisation they work for and why was Alex of such interest to both the agents and the new Feline mayoral candidate Joseph King? Meanwhile, will the police cope with the darstardly new supervillain making their debut in downtown Puppville and what help can Alex be to the situation? Find out in issue #2 of P.A.W: Protection Against Wrongdoers! For more info please visit

Super excited and terrified to see what people think of the new issue – I think Spot’s general demeanour there is pretty reflective of my feelings on the situation currently! Come chat to me why not at table #60 in New Dock Hall to see what all the fuss is about, and while you’re there be sure to have a chit chat with my usual partners in crime :iconteamsmithy: and :iconzak29: who’ll be launching new comics too – huzzahs! :)

Thoughtbubble2013-plan by ll

I’ve not made one of these before, but given the size of Thought Bubble with it’s 3 (yes 3!) halls of amazingness, I figured it might be an idea to point curious visitors in our general direction:

So, if you’d like to come sample the work of me, Mr. Chris GouldMr.Zak Simmonds-Hurn, and the rt hon Mr. Matthew Bramble you can now find us all keen as mustard sitting at the front of the class… we might even be giving you a cheery wave as you walk in the entrance, ‘cos we’re nice/desperate like that!

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Wowzers, finally found time to come up for air after a looooooooooooog weekend of conventioning in Bedford at the Northants International Comic Exhibition. Photos and sketches from the event are going up over at my tumblr, but here are a few breif thoughts:

-Lots of visitors to our table, which is always a bit of a releif! A big hello to everyone who stopped by to chat to us and let us waffle on at you about comics, and an even bigger thank you to those of you who came away with purchases! I hope you enjoy them and do please get in touch if you enjoyed them, it would be great to hear some feedback! :)

- Lots of comics fans bringing their kids along to expereince comics, some for the first time. Some were bigger into cartoons and some were more into the movies, but for most of them they were all just interchangable parts of the same thing - it was the characters that seemed to be the most important thing, not neccesarily which version at this stage in their expereince :) I hope there will be lots more titles to cater to these guys in the future! 

- Lots and lots of sketching! We were giving away free sketches with purchase of our comics, which seemed to be a popular deal. In fact, part of me wonders if next time we should offer free comics with every sketch! Poor :iconzak29: spent sunday pretty much with his head in his commission paper, so long was his list of sketch requests from keen fans of his work! :)

- Final thought for now: If the organisers hold it in N.I.C.E in Bedford ( in Bedfordshire) again, will they have to rename it to B.I.C.E? :S

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Alex Stix standee figure by ll

Just thought I'd take a moment to update my deviant followers that if you happen to be travelling to the N.I.C.E convention this weekend you'll find me there also, nestled into one of the tables, peddling my wares on P.A.W: Protection Against Wrongdoers like a fool possessed (which is not far off of the truth in fact!)

As well as printed comic packs of Issues #0 and #1, there are standee figures (like the one above!) and badges on sale, along with FREE stickers and sketches available upon request. If all that still wasn't enough there will even be some sneaky peeks at the progress of issue #2, even if that's just me frantically drawing it behind the table! :)

It's my first time at N.I.C.E and I'm super excited/pooping myself about meeting the folk of the Bedford Corn Exchange and of course hanging out with my jolly good pals Matthew Bramble and Zak Simmonds-Hurn once again – I hope to see a few familiar faces there and also make a whole bunch of new aquaintences over the weekend!

So be nice… er… gentle with us, but please come along and join us wont you? It would be ni…ummm… great to see you! :)

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Cowabunga by dracoimagem-com        

synesthesia by contraomnes n JIN KAZAMA by ultramarineandwhite

So I decided to have a go at the hip new sound that all the kids are into these days between their hipping and their hopping and so forth! ;)

Go check out CG Scrapbook to see a selection of the flotsam and jetsom that catches my eye and fires my imagination, as well as a smattering of bits and pieces by me that I'll be sharing with you! I hope it inspires you in your creative process (instead of just being a massive excersise in wasting time!) Happy following! :)
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Trying out the new journal features, so here's my week! :)

Tuesday I met up with a new friend and we dranks cocktails served from teapots...

Spent most of the week job hunting while I'm between commissions...

job hunt by ZeroMayhem

And Saturday was spent in the company of my great (in all senses of the term) aunt June, who hits her 80th this weekend, still sharp as anything and with a positivity that is highly infectious...

Grandma by peskaa

"This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours?" :)
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W00t! STCO #261 marks the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Comic. Go check it out and fill yer hedgehog related boots! :D

Inside You'll find :

"Sonic: In memory" written by original writer Nigel Kitching, with art by Michael Corker and original artist Nigel Dobbyn! (:iconhandtoeye:)

"To the hero of Mobius" written by Seumidh MacDonald and art by :iconthepandamis: and Matt Dittmer!

"Knuckles : Skeletons in the closet part 3" by Seumidh MacDonald!

And a ton of wallpapers, both by our staff AND some artists from the original STC!!

BUUUUTTTTT WAIIIIIIT - that's not all! ;)

Are you new to StC? Haven't a clue what I'm prattling on about? (more so than usual I mean!) Need to catch up on the story so far? We've started a new strip which will be covering the original print run of the comic. We've got some fantastic artists lined up to contribute to this (and er... me...) and the plan is for it to be updated quite regularly in the coming weeks, so don't forget to check back to read the whole story!

We've also got a dedicated Anniversary Zone that we'll be updating in the coming weeks too - look out for contributions from both original artists and fans alike!

Happy readings, and once again, happy birthday to Sonic the Comic! :)
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Greetings P.A.W fans! (All two of you - hello Mum!)

As the Bristol Comic Expo looms ever closer, (11-12th May diary types!) I just thought I'd let you all know that P.A.W: Protection Against Wrongdoers will be having a presence at the show again this year!

You'll find me nuzzled next to the usual suspects in the form of Zak Simmonds-Hurn & Matthew Bramble (Ne Smith) and I'll be selling issues #0 and #1 once again, along with maybe a few extra goodies...I'll also be using the time in between (hopefully) bountiful sales to get on with roughing out the pages for #2 - so if you'd like to come see a sneaky peak at the upcoming issue you can come along to Bristol to watch it develop live as it happens BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! ^__^

Hope to see a few familiar faces there and to make some new friends too! Will you be coming along to say hi? :)
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Gosh, haven't written one of these in a while have I? :)

Anyways, just wanted to get some feedback from my watchers about commissions - I've wanted to offer these for the longest time and never got around to it, now with DA's new feature I thought it might be a good time to dip my toe into this area, assuming any of you are interested?

So mostly I guess I'd like to know what you'd consider commissioning from me - fanart of your original character? Fanart of famous characters drawn in my style? logos/icons? PAW related stuff? Would very much like to hear some feedback, so i can decide if its viable to offer commissions or not on my page.

Hope to hear from you! :)
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For all the my latest artwork and graphic design samples, please visit:

My portfolio website

Or if you'd like to network, or keep up with my latest information, you can view my LinkedIn profile!

You can contact me directly using

Dont forget to stop by the shop and see available prints of my work...

Oh, and if you havent visited already, take a look at my stock account too - :iconll-stock:

And if you still cant get hold of me using any of those, then leave me a message on DA! :)
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...just to say that, just over two years since I posted this:…

P.A.W #1 is all drawn out. :)

Next: colouring! :)

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Hullo chaps! Its been way too long since I last updated my journal (I did attempt a lengthy post a few months back, but DA ate my post, I got in a strop, and didn't get back to rewriting it again - sorry!) So I figure now's as good a time as any to catch you up on whats been happening in the last 6 months! :)

:bulletred: Welp, life as a freelancer this past year sure has been interesting - in terms of stuff I can mention, I have a couple of spot illustrations which appear in Carlton Books' Knights, keep an eye out for my name somewhere in Carlton's A Christmas Carol as I worked on background art for this book and lastly, keep your eyes peeled for The Greatest Puzzles Ever Solved, also published by Carlton, as I Illustrated the whole book! :D Hopefully once they're on the shelves, I'll be able to post up some illustrations for them on my portfolio site/ here at DA, but very excited to see the finished versions of these! :)

:bulletred: Of course, now those are finished with, its time to strive on and find new opportunities, although thus far this is proving a little problematic! I've applied to lots of publications and job listings for freelancers/part time staff, but so far nobody has shown any concrete interest, and I'm not sure how much of that is just the August/September lull, and how much of it is recession cutbacks. >__>; Surfice to say, if any of you know of any jobs going, do let me know! Buy a print allready! or those of you flush with the cash, why not commission me? All donations greatly received! ;)

:bulletred: For those of you still interested, stuff I worked on at Carlton before I left is still trickling out - Wander into discount store "The Works" and you'll find my artwork on the cover to War on the Home Front , my retouching skills on Vintage Tattoos, and my graphic design skills over every inch of Missions to the Moon! Who knows, maybe one day they'll get around to releasing all the stuff I worked on! You can see examples of these over at my portfolio!

:bulletred: Oh, and P.A.W #1 is 3 pages shy of being all drawn out - that is all... :)

And here's that checklist:

:bulletred:Crack on with finding more freelance work!
:bulletred:update with these new projects when they are available!
:bulletred:Do more portfolio work to show off my skills!
:bulletred:learn some basic flash to add more knowledge to my skill base!
:bulletred:Finish those last few pages of P.A.W!

See you all in another 6 months I guess! ;)

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Howdy all - just a reminder about The UK Web & Mini Comix Thing '09 on 28th March which is this coming weekend - and its my first year there with a table! :)

I'm sharing the space with the lovely :iconteamsmithy: and my equally lovely tame writer fellow Joel Jessup
myself and Joel have our first mini comic collaboration to impress upon you, while Smithy will have a couple of bits to sell, including his work for The Action Age (if that means anything to you!)

Meanwhile, there'll be a few copies of P.A.W #0
lying around, mini sketchbooks, postcards, prints and badges for sale, so the table should be crammed full of stuff for you to get your grubby little mitts on - we hope to see a few of you there! :D

As ever, my to do list is still pretty stodgy:

:bulletred:Crack on with my freelance work, start thinking about drumming up new stuff!
:bulletred:update with the newness!
:bulletred:Get some more submissions to my woefully malnourished DA gallery!
:bulletred:Do some more P.A.W. (yes yes, I know, but its a tradition now surely? :))

Hope to see you at the convention!

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Maybe...Hopefully... >__>

Anyways, update time again as we're almost at the end of January and as usual I've got naff all to show for it - normally I'd do a personal review of the year type of Journal but we're a bit late for that, so the edited highlights are thus:

"Launched, moved into a flat with 3 Eastern European Ladies, went to The London Dugeons (Twice), used the table at the Bristol Comics Convention as a glorified bench, designed a band logo, went to 2 weddings, missed a really important friends' wedding, worried through my Dad's heart operation, finished my involvment with STC Online, had my websites disapear then rise phoenix like 2 months later, started a monthly sketching meetup, got told I wasn't having my Job renewed in January, made lots of jolly good friends and said goodbye to some others, got a few books with my name in the credits and my first "big" illustration commission..."

And that's the short version! :omg:

Anyway, looking forward to the next 12 months yawning ahead of me, the most obvious concern at the moment is the lack of job, but there is a gameplan of sorts in mind, and to this end I finally registered myself as self employed the other day and we're going to have a go at being a freelancer to see how that works out! :) I have a couple of hush hush book projects lined up which should carry me through till about April/may time, and then we'll see where we go from there - its going to be an interesting few months though, thats for certain - and who knows, I might even find time to tell you guys about some of it! :)

So, the 2009 "to do" list:

:bulletred:Make a good fist of being a freelancer, and keep an eye out for more commissions!
:bulletred:Prepare for my table at The UK Webcomics Thing in March!
:bulletred:Finish chapter 1 of P.A.W. and upload on website by year's end! (Funny, I had this down on my list this time last year...)
:bulletred:Update P.A.W website! (I had this one down too - hmm...)
:bulletred:Keep updated with all the awesome things I've been involved with!
:bulletred:Try not to forget you guys here on DA and submit some of my stuff with your lovely selves!

I guess we'll wait and see how many of those I can achieve this year (there's at least two on that list I wouldn't hold your breath for though...) - all thats left to say is:

Here's to a much finer ' >__>

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So, work gave me a cheery little christmas bonus last week - they're terminating my contract in January so I'm effectivly redundant - which was nice...

In their defence they were very quick to make clear it was an economy thing (i'm not a full time member of staff - never felt the need - doh!) rather than a skill thing, and they've offered me some freelance work to tide me over into Feb at least but uh... yeah.... bugger :(

Silver lining and all that, I've been thinking for a while about moving onto bigger and better things, but I liked the job, people, location etc so i didn't want to upset the apple cart too much - at least this way the decision's been made for me to press on!

So you could be seeing more or less of me online next year, depending how the job prospects work out - as always, will keep you posted! ;)


P.S: oh, in slightly better news, :iconmidnightexigent: featured me in The Cutting Edge #49, so thats another little somthing to cross off the "things I'd like to acheive on here" list :)

Merry Crunchmas all! :)
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  • Watching: Heroes
  • Eating: better
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Well, that only took two Months... >__>

Long story short, and are back in action - The portfolio has some new bits and pieces to nose through and the navigation has had a subtle tweak to swap between galleries more easily.

please insert "I really must get around to updating the paw website" comment here... :)

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  • Watching: that batm'n film...
  • Playing: at being a proper illustrator!
It looks like and are out of action for as yet unknown reasons, which is a tad worrying - I'm trying to get in contact with my guy who's server they sit on, will let you know if I find anything out!

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Haven't done one of these in a while, so I figured it was time to update the ol' journal with some bits and pieces:

:bulletred: Without going into a long story, I guess the main headline is that THE AGENCY are back on the scene, and I'm having another go with them, albeit on slightly more even ground this time around - watch this space to see how things develop! >__>

:bulletred: Unsurprisingly my job at the publishers is taking up a lot of my time these days - lots of books slowly trickling off the production line at work that I've had a hand in - keep your eyes peeled for my name in the credits of Treasures of the Olympic Games, Treasures of the Tour De France 2008 update, The Story of Israel and The Vietnam War Experience to name a few! :D

:bulletred: Issue no. 246 of STC Online is up, and for now at least, marks the end of my contributions to it. Hopefully this means I can devote more time to my freelance work and a certain comic project of my own I'm supposed to be working on...ahem... anyways, had a lot of fun working on the comic, and I've learnt a hell of a lot in the last 4-5 years I've been with the project (and boy does that shows in the work! Sheesh! O__o) Now I get to look forward to reading and supporting STCO as a fan and I for one can't wait to see Mike tackling the upcoming Shorty and Tekno story-lines! ^__^

:bulletred: Talking of P.A.W its...uh...still not done, surprising no-one I'm sure ;P Still, two pages is better than none, and I hope to have a week off from work either next month or September, and perhaps that'll be one of the things I'll crack on with... (right after the cure for cancer and achieving world peace of course! :D)

:bulletred: The freelancing wheel is slowly starting to turn, with a few commissions now under my belt, the most recent of which to come to fruition is the logo for alternative country rock band MIDWEZT - You can check out a few photos from their ep launch night on their Myspace, which was wall to wall with posters, and t-shirts with the logo absolutely everywhere - Always great to see finished work in use! :P

lastly, the customary "To Do" list:

:bulletred:Update portfolio site - refine the "design" galleries a bit.
:bulletred:Work through my commissions and keep an eye out for more!
:bulletred:Finish chapter 1 of P.A.W. and upload on website by year's end! O__o;;
:bulletred:Research a table at The UK Webcomics Thing
:bulletred:Submit a few completed commissions here to DA to share with you lot!
:bulletred:Update P.A.W website! (ha, good one...¬__¬ )

Happy Summer all!