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As featured in 25 Free Lined Paper Textures for Design Projects, "Steampunk" Starter Kit, Tis the Season Collection - Vol I, All The Little Things Vol. 5, Fridaylicious#5: Superman and --> Stock Up <-- Vol. 24 & Vol. 17 !

Welcome to the LL-Stock gallery - a place that I hope will be of some use you! Outlined below are various notes about this account, and how it can be used by you :)

I set this account up as a place to host my own collection of images that people are free to use for non-comercial purposes, as the basis for manipulations, as drawing reference, as inspiration for their work. All I ask in return is that you credit whatever images are used from this account and most importantly, send a link to my main account at :iconll: so I can see what you come up with (I check the main account more often than I do this stock account you see!) :) There's a mix of architechtural stock, textures and figure work, although there's not much variety in the model sadly ;)

Check out some of the Deviations which have used LL-stock images here!

As previously stated, you are free to use any stock for non-comercial purposes (ie Desktop Wallpaper, drawing reference or photo montage deviations, as a background texture etc).

With regard to selling prints, as long as the work is suitably diffrent enough from the original stock, I normally don't have a problem with it, but please ask if you want to be certain. :)

When it comes to commercial usage (ie website banner, flyer, printed newspaper article etc) the general rule is, if you're not planning on paying me any money to use the stock in a commercial context then the answer is no - sorry :(

If you're doing a proffesional job you'd use stock photo sites anyways and pay them money for use of images, so why not DA stockers? (Oh come on, even stock artist's have to live on somthing you know!)

I'm not exactly greedy though and again, it does depend how much it differs from the original stock, so please feel free to note my main  account (ll) if you'd like to discuss a particular stock deviation for use in a commercial context. :)

For those of you that requested it, I've now set up a couple of my stock Deviations as Prints, available on a variety of products - due to the size of the stock, the print sizes aren't very big, but hopefully its better than nothing! :D I'd like to add more of my stock images as prints in the future, but please let me know if theres a particular image you'd like as a print using the "request print" button on the deviation, so I know what to prioratise! :D

As well as my own work for use in manipulations or just general reference and inspiration, I've also scoured deviantart to find useful deviations of other people's photogrpahy and stock work, to inspire visitors to this gallery, provide reference material for artists and to just generally bring those that come here a selection of some of the best images and photographs one deviant can find. :)

However, please please PLEASE be aware - NOT ALL THE IMAGES IN THE FAVORITES SECTION ARE STOCK, and as such cannot be used in deviants' works without EXPRESS PERMISSION BY THE CREATOR OF THE DEVIATION - these images are included for reference and as inspiration only - please make sure when using images found through this gallery that you are sure they are available as stock, and that if they are available as stock, that you follow each Deviant's specific rules for the use of their images.

Please be aware that the favorites section of LL-Stock predominantly consists of  figure work, and in particular BOTH male and female NUDES - if that kind of thing offends don't say you wern't warned! There is a lot of architetural reference available too, and everything's been sorted into collections for ease of navigation, so there's still plenty more to see elsewhere in the favs!


If you have any suggestions for useful stock to be included, or any other recomendations of how to improve this account, don't hesitate to let me know! ^__^

Thanks again for visiting - hope this was of use!

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hey i would like to use [link] for a piece of art and would like to sell the end product if thats ok with you, if not no worries i will find another but this one is really nice :)