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Image Description: Chara sat, frozen, mouth ajar, as Toriel strode past them and towards the basement stairs. Even after she’d left the room, they continued staring to the doorframe. A sick and twisting knot of dread and anxiety took root in their stomach, and continued to grow.

They could barely hear Frisk start to speak from somewhere beside them. Their tone seemed to be reassuring Chara, but the meaning of the words couldn’t be caught by their brain.

*Chara… I think I know better than anyone else how you must be feeling… but… you’re alive now, Frisk spoke in a hushed and gentle voice.

*We should probably stay out of the basement for now and let Toriel handle it, the both os u--

Chara leaped out of their chair, moving at a brisk pace.

*Hey, where’re you going!? came Frisk’s startled cry.

“It’s going to attack her. I have to stop her!” Chara shot back, their voice dripping with horror.
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