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  • Dec 2, 1998
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My Bio
"I can do better than that!"

Call me Wayvern, I guess. Or Stain.
I like writing weird stories.

Favourite Books
Last Dragons Chronicles, Wings of Fire, Memoir by Lady Trent, Parasol Protectorate
Favourite Writers
Chris D'Lacey, Gail Carriger
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Undertale
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Mechanical Pencil, Art Tablet/Manga Studio, Me
Other Interests
Writing, Roleplaying, Acting, Singing
Maybe I'll just put everything in storage too. It's been a while since I posted anything that people besides me really cared about, and I don't foresee posting much in the future, even before this. Welp... it's been a good run. I'll still be around to comment on other people's work but... see y'all. I think I'm gonna be on RoyalRoad mostly, for the foreseeable future, working on my written stories. It'd mean a lot if you checked them out.
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Really sad to come on here and see so many accounts upset by the AI shit, saying they're going to delete or put all their art in storage. I mean, I'm upset too. I fucking hate this. But there's really no modern art site that's like how DA used to be, is there? They're all focused on blogging, or selfies, or don't allow mature art, or crop your art, or only allow comics, or are shit when trying to navigate a comic, or want you to go on the fucking app. It's so frustrating. Is it really the end of an era? Is there really nowhere where you can just post a variety of art and have some fucking fun, rather than become obsesses with the followers number game? Fuck. I guess this is goodbye, even if I keep hanging around.
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I advise everyone to go to their settings, where you can opt your entire gallery out of use for AI databases. More info on the situation can be located here: If you're not even going to pay me or commission me for my goddamn artwork, I don't want AI databases touching my art with a ten-foot pole...
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