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Vector of Colgate.

Around hour and half.
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Her real name is minette 
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Colgate vs Minuette
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This pic of Colgate pic is :iconrdsoawesomeplz:
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I did not mean to say pic twice LOL 
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That face... just creeps me out. I don't know why. Also it's probably creepier because I'm listening to 'Brushie Brush Brush' by DabuXian on YouTube. On a 10 hour loop... 0.o
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Mind if I use this as the avatar for a tumblr blog?
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WTF is up with these random ponies having hour glasses for cutie marks???
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Thanks to this pony, over 90% of the world's population are brushing their teeth. HECK YEAH! :iconyeahplz:
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For some reason, I like how Colgate smile than other ponies. :D Maybe she's trying to show how good her teeth are with Colgate-brand toothpaste? :lol:
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one of the few times I'll say something like this but it realllllllly needs a transparent background (the eye and the background merge together bleh)

Either way, amazing vector shot!
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You are impossibly right!

Thanks ^^
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I put on my robe and my rape face =P
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Whooves must be around!
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Colgate :D

I love you!
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Ever had feeling that some background characters are more expressive and overall better then main? Daaamn... ^^ I have it all the time.
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Ah, now I get her name XD sweet~
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It actually would be silly if she in next season would get an official name ^^ for now most background ponies have their fanmade ones.
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I only heard of Derpy getting more highlighting.. hope Dr.Whoof and co stay bg ponies. Like you said~
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It's confirmed that Derpy will get more highlight but who knows about other ponies? However I have to agree some ponies should stay BG as they are now with great support from fans.

What can I say We'll see in around 6 months ;)
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I would love to draw some DocWhooves someday. ;]
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