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Link always seems to start his adventures knowing nothing... Someone always has to explain the situation to him. The problem is he is always willing to take action without a plan, lol.

Marge makes a good Zelda, I think. The other characters will be making an appearance - like Lisa, Bart, Moe, Apu, Patty, Selma etc... Who can guess what role in Zelda they will play? :D

This is the first page of the Simpson/Zelda parody (which will be approximately 6 pages), unfortunately there won't be another for about a month due to my presence in Japan for the next 3 weeks :D

LoZ belongs to Nintendo and Simpsons to fox.

Page 2: [link]

see my gallery for another pic of Link/Homer!
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See the thing is I have faith in Marge, but I think Zelda is the reason everything gets messy and is definitely the primary problem with the series. It should be called the Legends of Link and Gannon being forced to clean up the unwise fakers mistakes as a more accurate title so this doesn't work for me...But it seems well drawn. And I like some of the Zelda's I've met over the years even if that doesn't mean she isn't overall a backstabbing faithless, treasonous, mistake of a ruler in dire need of overthrowing. Strangely it's pirate Zelda I have the most respect for but I think from link to the past to ocarina and on through Twilight princes and Breath of the wild it's her bad leadership that sinks Hyrule repeatedly, she has no respect for anyone's advice but her own. I do not like her as a character even if my she can't surrender, share water, respect other cultures, or handle basic advice theories turn out to be incorrect despite seeming very valid to me anyway. So I definitely trust Marge more here anyway. Down with the traitor queen, Peace.