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Gimp Anim. Grass Brushes Set



Painting (dA) - [link]
Short time-lapse video: [link]

Other brushes:
Smoke: [link]
Water: [link]

Download is a .zip file including the four brushes, sample image and readme with these instructions.

If any photoshop users want, I can upload a PSD of each brush set, so you can easily convert them to PS brushes - I would have included them here but they're big.

Install: place the files into C:\Users\[USERNAME]\.gimp-2.6\brushes [or change into the version folder that you are using]

If you're running gimp when you install you'll have to right click on the brushes panel and press "refresh brushes" for them to show up.

For best results set spacing to 40 and use pressure-opacity, random-colour and random-size brush dynamics (colour is essential for good grass here, use two different colours/tones). They have 16 to 18 random samples so you'd be hard pressed to spot repetition, there's four versions:

* 1 - Thick tall (based on living grass)
* 2 - Thick short (based on living grass)
* 3 - Thin tall (based on bown dead grass)
* 4 - Thin short (based on bown dead grass)

Feel free to use them on whatever you like and good luck painting :) I plan on adding more brushes as I need them, so stop by sometime :D

As with all of my brushes:
* Attribution not required except for published modifications
* You may use these for commercial purposes
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Again, thank you