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What can I say about me? I love the fantasy RPG! I started to play Dungeons and Dragons when I was 9 years old, over time I have experienced other beautiful games such as "Das schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye)", "Call of Cthulhu", "Nephandum"( A beautiful Italian RPG based on the rules of D & D). It is now a few years that I'm playing a campaign set in Greyhawk with the rules of Pathfinder Paizo. Of course I also tried some adventure on Golarion, which is the main setting of the Pathfinder ;)
The love for fantasy illustrations led me to found these groups:
:iconfantasy-npc: :iconpathfinder-art:

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The amazing art of Akeiron

Sun Jul 31, 2016, 9:09 AM

Continuing the Campaign by Akeiron

Fantasy-NPC logo by LJEKC


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Continuing the Campaign by Akeiron

Entice Fey Spell by Akeiron

Bestiary Opener by Akeiron

Foreword 3 by Akeiron

White Dragon Battle by Akeiron

Chapter 5 Opener by Akeiron

Matchmaker Spell by Akeiron

Mythic Amiri and Mythic Sajan VS Dinosaurs by Akeiron

Worm Opener by Akeiron

Bone Golem Battle by Akeiron

Frost Giant Centaur Battle by Akeiron

Troll Bridge by Akeiron

Witch Tree Battle by Akeiron

Frost Giant Battle by Akeiron

Foreword by Akeiron

Seoni VS Remorhaz by Akeiron

Strix Opener by Akeiron

Dragon Rider Approach by Akeiron

Frost Worm Hunt by Akeiron

Winter Portal by Akeiron

Scavenging the ruins by Akeiron

Foreword#69 by Akeiron

Chapter 1 Opener by Akeiron

The Taken by Akeiron

Archetypes Opener by Akeiron

Lycan VS Vampire by Akeiron

Chapter 3 Opener by Akeiron

Pathfinder Novel Reign of Stars Cover by Akeiron

Graveknight VS Seelah by Akeiron

Curse of the Sickled Hand - Cover by Akeiron

Spellcasters of the Inner Sea by Akeiron

Bugbear Surprise by Akeiron

Tesharat by Akeiron

Stinna Smokebringer by Akeiron

Shojinawa Ito by Akeiron

Shiori Heikkaki by Akeiron

Chahnukrah by Akeiron

Areelu Vorlesh by Akeiron

Mistress Inquisitor by Akeiron

Seoni's pet tattoo by Akeiron

Kasai Geisha by Akeiron

Tessa Fairwind by Akeiron

The Filleted Man by Akeiron

Mythic Seltyiel by Akeiron

Companions - Seoni by Akeiron

Sorceress with Platypus by Akeiron

Ulf by Akeiron

Procyal by Akeiron

Silla deSol by Akeiron

Charlatan by Akeiron

Bard on Llama by Akeiron

Cesseer of Ning by Akeiron

Mad Prophet by Akeiron

Sister Perversion by Akeiron

Chain Mauler by Akeiron

Alkenstar Arms Dealer by Akeiron

Elohim by Akeiron

Pelagastr by Akeiron

Arclord by Akeiron

Aldori Swordlord by Akeiron

Darkstalker by Akeiron

Skulking Brute by Akeiron

Necrocraft by Akeiron

Erkling by Akeiron

Rust Risen by Akeiron

Daefu by Akeiron

Uggilo by Akeiron

Gladiatorial Arenas by Akeiron

Gimrack by Akeiron

Kerdak Bonefist by Akeiron

Ogonthunn by Akeiron

Daghop by Akeiron

Ninja by Akeiron

Forbidden Lore by Akeiron

     Evil Horned Helmet by Akeiron

Asvig by Akeiron

Balance Sheet by Akeiron

Honor - Viking by Akeiron

Taxation - Harsk Pays by Akeiron

Ulfen Guard by Akeiron

Titus Scarnetti by Akeiron

Gorvald by Akeiron

Cliff Giant by Akeiron

Helva by Akeiron

Druid Studies With Animals by Akeiron

Chuul by Akeiron

Clockwork Reliquary by Akeiron

Shaper by Akeiron

Einherjar by Akeiron

Hunter by Akeiron

Intelligent Animal by Akeiron

Vermin Gal by Akeiron

Axiomite by Akeiron

Kimandatsu by Akeiron
        Snow Spider by Akeiron

Snowcaster Elf by Akeiron 
Tunuak by Akeiron

Kjaerulf by Akeiron

Sylph by Akeiron

Marilith by Akeiron

Bythos Aeon by Akeiron

Vegsundvaag by Akeiron





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