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Finger Lickin Good - TG

Mike had never gone to KFC, never really had the need or desire to go either, so he never gave it much thought.
One day as he was driving by the restaurant, he thought what the heck and stopped to eat in.
After ordering a combo and sitting down, he caught eyes with a young black employee, thinking he was checking him out, Mike gave him the stink eye and started eating the delicious food that was brought out to him.
Mike’s stomach started feeling weird but just blamed it on the unhealthy fast food he was eating. After a couple more bites and a couple sips from his drink, he was feeling terrible and ran off to the bathroom to throw up. Knees on the ground with his head over the toilet, Mike started feeling numb all throughout his body. He watched as his breast slowly but surely grew to an outrageous size, his limbs became so feminine and his hair grew into a ponytail.
His penis slowly disappeared and was replaced with a wet pussy. His lips became plump and his face changed.
Shocked by the events that had transpired, he stepped out of the stall and looked at himself in the bathroom mirror.
He was a beautiful woman with nice knockers and a nice round bubble butt. Mike’s mind started to fade and quickly replaced with that of a girl named Miley.
Mike had always been Miley and Miley loved big black cock. She had always had a preference for black men and unusually horny for some action right then.
Miley walked out the bathroom and sat back down, she noticed a hot black guy checking her out from behind the counter, she smiled at him and waved him over for his number. She was in for a finger licking good time.
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i'd love to know this girl if real !

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Look at those gorgeous boobs!
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love black licorich

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I love your profile pic
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Nice refreshing drink! 🍦🍦