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Arthur Pendragon and His Daemon by LJ-Todd Arthur Pendragon and His Daemon by LJ-Todd

Merlin daemon!AU art.

Blurb about Arthur Pendragon and his Ragamuffin Cat daemon, Masa:
Masa is a Japanese name meaning "just"

"I don't think Archimede likes me."

Arthur paused sharpening his sword, a task he should have given his man servant, and looked down at Masa. His daemon was looking out the window and he didn't need to look to know she was watching Merlin and his little daemon do whatever task he'd had them run off to tend to.

"What on earth ever gave you that idea," he lightly teased, grinning, only to receive a glare from Masa that reminded him far too much of his father. He sighed. "Why do you care if she doesn't like you?"

"I want her to like me," Masa replied with a flick of her fluffy tail. "Every time I try to get close to her she either flies up where I can't reach or tucks herself against Merlin's neck and hides her head in his hair." Her tail flicked again. "I just want to be her friend. Not eat her."

"I thought owls ate cats?"

Masa huffed and fixed him with another look eerily similar to his father's. "Have you seen how tiny Archimede is? She wouldn't be able to kill me let alone eat me."

Arthur grinned. "She could claw your eyes out though. She's quite adorable when she gets all puffy with anger."

Masa gave him the cat equivalent of an Ah ha! Caught you! look and he grumbled as he went back to sharpening his sword, ignoring his daemon and her smug little face.

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this is so precious! :eager: by darkmoon3636 
poor Masa 
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is this a good "omg" or a bad "omg"?
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