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Donovan DA by LJ-Phillips

Donovan is one of my favorite characters. He's a genuinely sunny, well-adjusted person, which makes him a bit of an anomaly in the dark and gritty world of 
Silver Bullet Nights . I see him as a highly educated, highly intelligent Caliban. Well, a Caliban who comes from a happy, functional family. 

In his final design, he's a bit bigger built than here. But that's characters for ya - they evolve as they go along.
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  • Reading: The Complete Works Of HP Lovecraft
  • Watching: Jigs & Reels
  • Playing: Fable 2
  • Eating: Brown rice and tuna
  • Drinking: Coffee
Many try but few succeed in reaching this level of incompetence. Patreon is now having issues processing payment. Normally payment is processed by the 1st or 2nd. But not this month. Nope, Patreon just announced they hope to complete processing by the 6th. 

When you include the bank's processing period, this means that some creators will only get money on the 12th or 13th. Luckily artists and writers can survive on only air and moisture like orchids. Oh right, we can't. 

Edit: Good news (kind of.) Patreon has now fully processed some people's payments. However some of my friends are saying that their total falls short of what it should be.
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  • Reading: Behind The Scenes At The Museum
  • Watching: Jane Eyre
  • Playing: Fable 2
  • Eating: Brown rice and tuna
  • Drinking: Tea
New Year resolutions are a bastard to keep. So I'm going to post a NY journal every few months where we can talk about our goals, our progress and pitfalls and generally encourage each other. After all, misery loves company. 

My New Year resolutions are:
  • Make more money
  • Start lifting weights again (health's finally better so no excuse not to get into shape)
  • Finish my novella this year
  • Fix up my apartment (the home repair elves aren't coming round anytime soon)
  • Publish more comics (as opposed to web stuff)
  • Donate regularly to our local center
What are your New Year resolutions?

  • Listening to: Rain again
  • Reading: Good Omens (rereading)
  • Watching: Macbeth
  • Playing: Wolf Among Us
  • Eating: Avacado
  • Drinking: Coffee
Pardon the pun XD The recently relaunched Silver Bullet Nights is only 3 pages so far but we've already found a publisher.

Well, okay, that's an exaggeration. But a short comic featuring Seek will be appearing in a sci fi anthology. I'll keep you all posted about when it comes out. 
  • Listening to: My cat complaining
  • Reading: Jane Eyre
  • Watching: Supermansion
  • Playing: Wolf Among Us
  • Eating: Avacado
  • Drinking: Coffee
Smoke, Fur And Stone returns in 2019. In the meantime, here's a peek at some of the roughs of upcoming pages: 

Rough Layout To Rough Colors by LJ-Phillips

So while normal folks are enjoying Christmas dinner and fighting with their relatives, I am fighting with my relatives and hard at work on Smoke, Fur And Stone (featuring what you demanded - a return to the Caliban/Quartz dynamic.)

Uh   Hey by LJ-Phillips
  • Listening to: My cat complaining
  • Reading: Jane Eyre
  • Watching: Supermansion
  • Playing: Wolf Among Us
  • Eating: Avacado
  • Drinking: Coffee
....however we still have to pay for bullets to stop bearded weirdos in red suits descending down our chimneys. So why not help sponsor some of my home defense and support my artwork and comics on Patreon

Depending on the tier you pick, you can unlock early previews of the comic pages, Skin legends and Secret Files and even NSFW artwork of the boys in all their priapic glory. 

Plus you'll get that warm, gooey feeling that comes from knowing that you helped me fend off Santa and his army of evil elves for another year.

Alternatively, you can become a Paypal supporter and donate via my Paypal

Either way, you'll get a place in my Santa-proof bunker :)
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  • Watching: Wolf Hall (still not about werewolves)
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Cf224f5d0b9442b08af438f0f2e21e71 by LJ-Phillips

Insane weather in Durbs, heavy rain, strong winds. Please keep Durbanites in your thoughts. 

Picture isn't mine. Taken from…
  • Listening to: Gabriel Faure
  • Reading: Wolf Hall (no, it's not about werewolves :) )
  • Watching: Tale Of Tales
  • Playing: Left For Dead 2
  • Eating: Mac 'n Cheese
  • Drinking: Coffee