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Michi and Maria PK by Lizzytheanimegirl300 Michi and Maria PK by Lizzytheanimegirl300
Pokemon: Doublade
Nature: Hasty
Ability: No Gaurd
Move Set:
Swords Dance
Sacred Sword
Brick Break
Double Team

Name: Michi Kruse(left) & Maria Kruse(right) 
Gender: Michi - nonbinary | Maria - female
Birthday: April 10
Age: 16
Michi: 5'3 ft.
Maria: 5'0 ft. 

Relationship Status: Single - both 
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: 
Michi - demisexual
Maria - homosexual

Kingdom: Diamonds
Current Residence: Naucatis 
Occupation/Title: Bard, both of them are bards
Card Rank: 4

Michi: Caring : Dedicated : Humble : Quiet : Gloomy : Insecure 
    Michi is a very caring person, they might not be very talkative or anything. They will tend to go out of their way to help others sometimes. They have always been this way, though so Maria and their parents just got use it. Michi is a very dedicated person and will often commit to someone or something and then try their best to either master that or be a really good friend to that person. But because of this Michi has had more partners then they would like to admit, but this was mainly after Maria left. Even though Michi is in a lot of ways more skilled then Maria because of how they are, Michi tends to never brag about their skills. Michi just really prefers not to talk about themselves much at all and they know that makes them humble. Michi is a very quiet person, they just don't feel comfortable talking most of the time, although when they have to talk they do. Even though Michi doesn't like talking they trying their best to when they feel more comfortable. When Michi is around Maria in private they can talk and there is no issue, but when something new happens Michi prefers not to speak. It makes it hard for Michi to make friends but they manage. One of the other reasons Michi doesn't talk is because they feel and have been told they tend to bring down the situation and will make things depressing. They never mean to make everything sad when they have conversations, but because of what they had gone through with their sister they find it very hard to be happy. But Michi is trying their best to work on it with the help of Maria and their new friends. Michi wasn't always insecure, but after their sister left it became very hard to like themselves and think they were good at anything, they often don't like how they look and who they are today. Even with their sister here it still is hard for Michi to get better since it was days upon days of this mentality. Although Michi is willing to get better for their sister's sake and theirs in a way. 

Maria: Adventurous : Capable : Creative : Ambitious : Biosterous : Stubborn
    Maria in a lot of ways is very different from Michi, although they may have looked the same. If you got to know them you would just know after a while how to tell them apart. Mainly because Maria is the more adventurous of the two and talks way more then Michi ever does. She's not afraid to try something no one else will try even if she does get hurt sometimes. Along with her being adventurous she also knows how to handle things and how to achieve her goals most of the time. She is just very capable and this makes it easier for her to do things and handle things on her own. And also this actually helps Michi because of how they are now, having the guidance of Maria is very important. Maria is also very creative and uses this to her advantage and she loves to make things and she was actually the one that had designed their current instruments with the colors and such. She also finds interesting ways to solve problems because of this as well most of the time though she will just use her logic when it's not a problem that requires a lot of brain power. But in spite of her creativity, this makes her very ambitious. She has big plans most of the time and wants to do really out their things, and she'll keep trying to achieve it until she wears herself out. Although sometimes this does work in her favor, most of the time it ends badly for her. Maria is a very loud person, her voice is loud and her personality is as well. She just tends to be very excitable and this along with how she will act around others and her friends is what makes her so boisterous. Maria has always been stubborn, she just never wants to quit and she most certainly doesn't want to change. This is one of the reasons she got so mad about leaving Michi and her home. She just doesn't want things to change, and certainly now doesn't want things to change with how well they are going. 

Both Michi and Maria grew up together, when they were born they did everything together they even looked the same. Although how you could tell them apart is that Michi had a different eye shape from Maria. As they got older though they did tend to look more like their own person. Although they did tend to like the same things they still had both their own dreams in life. Even when they were young they were already trying to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives. 

    When Michi had turned 10 they started to learn how to play the harp, a harp that they could hold with one hand though. At first, Michi was getting outdone by their sister, who took up the lute at the age of 9 and was already really good. But Michi wanted to be different from their sister and was not going to give up until they mastered the harp. Michi spent days upon days learning it until they got really good at it. 

    Maria was very impressed with her sibling and threw a party to celebrate how good Michi had gotten in just a year. The both of them threw a little concert gathering of their family and they played a song they had written together. It was called "In a World without Name" they had wanted to have someone sing over it but they didn't know how to write lyrics since the two of them focused more on playing instruments. But they made do and just did it and had a really good time at the party, then later Maria went outside and started to play by herself and ended up drawing a small crowd. After a bit, Michi came outside and she persuaded Michi to join her. The two played for a good two hours and ended up making some money. 

    After that had happened the two just knew what they were going to be doing in the years to come. So after a year, they ended up getting enough money to get their own uniforms and they wore those. Then eventually they ended up getting a custom made harp and lute, the two of their instruments were multicolored and they looked beautiful. They were not getting super popular or anything but still able to make a steady income, at the time only being 11 they did their best. Of course, their parents were working as well since they couldn't just rely on their kids. 
    Once the two turned 12 their parents were having problems with their marriage, so the two decided to split. Their mother taking Michi and their father taking Maria. This was a really hard thing for the two of them to deal with since Maria and Michi were always together up until this point. Their goodbye was a heartfelt and tearful one, they didn't want to leave each other but they did, and they still lived in Diamonds, but just in different cities. 

    Maria used her lute to cope with not being able to see her sibling and she had no idea where they lived. Maria had no way to contact Michi since their parents didn't want them to contact each other, at least at first since it would be easier if they didn't see each other. Although this just made Maria angry she would often just go out into the city and not tell her dad. Of course, this was her way of showing her anger, but she would always just go out and play her lute for people. It was a really hard time emotionally for Maria and she hated every second of the next two years. 

    Michi, when they split, became sad and isolated themselves. It was hard because they also were not allowed to contact their sister. Michi didn't know how to cope other than isolating themselves and playing their harp, Michi barely went outside and when they did Michi would be silent and just would look like they were dead most of the time. Michi was a mess without their sister, but it was about 2 years until they started to come to terms with what had happened. They had changed a lot over this time through their personality and was timider and they were barely happy. 

    When Maria turned 16 she wanted to see her favorite singer, and that was Princess of Song Ceclia. Maria heard there was going to be a concert in Naucatis and so she decided to go by herself. She asked her father about it he allowed her to go and she was overjoyed about this since she loved Ceclia as a singer and a person. Once she got there she actually heard someone playing a song that sounded familiar. And not just familiar but it was the song that Michi and Maria had written when they were little, Maria found where it was coming from. When she got there she stood there in shock at seeing Michi playing their song, she was so overjoyed that she started crying and fell to her knees. 

    Michi then noticed Maria and just froze as well at seeing their sister on the ground crying. Michi then put down their harp and went over and hugged Maria they were filled with such joy about it. This was the first time in years that they had seen her. They stayed there hugging each other for what felt like hours but was more like a few minutes. But the two didn't care, but they were sort of causing a scene in the streets so Michi got their harp and the two headed back to Michi's house. When they entered Maria saw her mother and then they shared a hug as well. It was a really good time for the two of them, Maria didn't want to leave and at this point, she felt as though she had a choice. Either leave after she saw the concert or stay after she saw it and Maria knew her answer. 

    A few months had passed, yes when Maria had sent a letter to her father she did get an angry letter back. But at the very end of the letter, he said that she could stay since she was getting older. And Maria wasn't exactly happy she made her father mad but at the same time, a part of her realized that it kind of felt good to give him a taste of what he gave her all those years ago. But at this time Michi and Maria were performing together again, but Maria, of course, noticed how Michi had changed. This made Maria angry in a way at both of their parents. But this also made her determined to help her sibling get better and become happier. She realized that them performing again together was the first step to this. 

    One day though when they were performing in the streets a young girl came up to the two of them and asked if they would like to be in her band with Ceclia. Maria freaked out at this offer and of course, said yes and Michi at first seemed hesitant but seeing their sister's reaction decided it was a good idea. So the two both accepted and as the girl said they were part of a group called Heart4 and it was the best choice of their lives. 

Michi's hair was longer as a child, but when their parents split they cut as a way to not have to take care of it. Michi misses their hair though.
    Maria can draw and well

RP Methods: discord 
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