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Gwenda Cassia pk
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Pokemon: Pichu
Nature: Jolly 
Ability: Static
Move Set:
Nasty Plot
Thunder shock

Name: Gwenda Cassia
Gender: female
Birthday: August 18
Age: 15
Height: 5'0 ft

Relationship Status: Taken/Complicated 
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Hetrosexual

Kingdom: Diamonds 
Current Residence: Naucatis 
Occupation/Title: Singer
Card Rank: 4

Personality: Cheerful : Creative : Genuine : Shy : Easily Discouraged : Morbid
    Gwenda is a cheerful girl, she tends to cheer up everyone around her especially Dmitriy and when she writes songs the songs are oftentimes happy songs. Becuase she writes her own songs she is very creative and can most make up the songs in her head and sings them to crowds. These songs will often times have deeper meanings, but at first will just seem like a fun happy song, but turn out to mean much more than that. One of the reasons Dmitriy thinks he fell for Gwenda is because she is very genuine and not afraid to be herself around others good or bad. Gwenda can be very most of the time when she isn't performing and when she first met Dmitriy, but that was more of she felt he needed a friend. She can also be easily discouraged by others even when they are not close to her, but Dmitriy makes sure to fuel her motivation and creativity. Sometimes Gwenda will become very morbid when she is sad and it's not the best time for others but Dmitriy sticks there whenever this happens to comfort her and make her smile and Gwenda appreciates it very much and always make sure to thank him and tries her best to stay happy for him.

As a young child, Gwenda did not have many friends, she was always the shyer one of the group. Surprising when she met Dmitriy she actually was the only one who wasn't afraid to talk to him, she knew it was out of character that she couldn't help it. Gwenda liked to make friends with the person that didn't have any friends so that's exactly what she did. She would always be around him when they were kids, and when they weren't together Gwenda would be performing on the street for money. She would sing and people loved her so she always got a decent amount. Fortunately, her parents both had jobs that paid enough to support their family. But Gwenda always made sure they had extra money just in case something were to happen. 

    As they got older Gwenda got more and more attached to Dmitriy and eventually, she asked her mom what she was feeling. Her mother told her it was love that she was feeling. Gwenda wanted to tell Dmitriy how she felt but just didn't know how so she kept it to herself. One day he ended up finding out about her singing career and then he had a special outfit made for her to sing in and she just ended up making it her everyday outfit since she goes out every day. This made Dmitriy very happy that she liked it so much and often times buy her outfits to sing in. 

    Eventually, it was getting hard for her to keep the feelings she felt about Dmitriy to herself it had only been a year and so she decided to take a walk and think about life. During this walk, she ended up meeting a man this man is Drew she didn't know who he was but somehow he ended up cheering her up and then gave her a bit of advice about how to handle her feelings. As long as she keeps loving the person as they are now she'll be happy even though he might not like her the same way. So she took this to heart and just kept on loving him the way she has been. 

    One night Dmitriy took her out and treated her extra special she was kinda unsure of what was happening. Then he took her to his garden and confessed to her, she couldn't help cry and then admitted she had felt the same for a long time but never knew how to tell him. Dmitriy hugged her and she hugged back and it was a really nice time. So they became a couple after this and it was a wonderful time for the both of them until Dmitriy's parents found out and then forbid them to see each other. So the two saw each other in secret. Sometimes they would get caught and then eventually his father had enough of it and Dmitriy moved to the Spades kingdom. Then one day a man came with a letter from Dmitriy!? Gwenda was very confused and then after reading the letter she then wrote hers and then sent the man on his way. 

    As time went on she got more popular in her town and she actually did a few semi-big concerts around the city. She hoped to one day become popular enough to travel all over and see Dmitriy. But until that day she continues on this path, she is on and hopes to one day achieve her dreams.


her favorite food is crossant 

RP Methods: discord
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