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Ceclia 'Princess of Song' Oath PK
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Pokemon: Jigglypuff 
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Cute Charm
Move Set: 
Disarming Voice 
Hyper Voice
Echoed Voice 

Name: Ceclia 'Princess of Song' Oath
Gender: female
Birthday: August 14
Age: 20
Height: 5'3 ft. 

Relationship Status: Single 
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Bisexual

Kingdom: Diamonds
Current Residence: Naucatis 
Occupation/Title: Princess of Song/Singer for people and royalty 
Card Rank: 8

Personality: Compassionate : Intelligent : Mature : Self-conscious : Fanciful : Charmless
    Ceclia is very compassionate, she cares about others it's just her nature. Even tho Ceclia is a happy and cheerful person most of the time. She is also a very intelligent girl and does know what she is doing. She is very mature for someone as young as she is, she just is mature in nature. She assumes this is because she had to be very responsible at a very young age. Ceclia can very self-conscious at times, but it is mainly about how she looks and how she thinks about her voice. she tends to not think she looks pretty or has a nice voice and tends to wonder why people think she is good. She wishes it could be easier to just believe in herself but believing in herself is always the hardest part. She tends to still dream big even if she is technically at the top, she daydreams about having big concerts and tons of fans even though she already does have a lot of fans. Although she is very cheery and such. But she actually is surprisingly charmless, she just tends to have trouble talking to others. And is by no means a smooth talker she has no clue half the time how to talk to people. When talking to her fans it's different since she's done it a lot and has figured out how to talk to them. 

Ceclia was born into a family of singers. It was their passion and in turn, it became hers. Her voice became more beautiful as she got older she got more popular and the more popular she got the better she seemed to get. When she was 10 she first performed for nobility. She sang her ten-year-old heart out when she finally got the chance. It wowed everyone and after that day they started to call her the Princess of Song. Ceclia, to fit with the name then started to wear more cute princessy things to fit her image and started to tour around to sing to the people and to royalty.

    At 17 she became one of the best singers in diamonds and she was starting to get around more everywhere else. She was very happy with where she was at the time. Her parents at the time had stopped performing for the most part and were mainly helping her along with her friends at the time. She was having the time of her life and getting quite the large amount of money to match. She was rich, but all the money she had would usually be used on her family so she would get a smaller amount of the money. 

    Once she turned 20 she finally decided to move out and become her own person. Her family supported her decision and even helped her find a place. Once she found a place she actually started to notice that a young girl would often times perform outside and Ceclia would watch in disguise and even sometimes a sibling pair would play and she would listen to them as well. One time she talked to the young girl and learned her name is Gwenda and that she actually wanted to be like Ceclia and the two ended up talking a little more and then Ceclia told Gwenda who she was. This made Gwenda starstruck but surprisingly happy as well. 

    After Gwenda and Ceclia had become friends they would sometimes do little performances for the people. The people loved them both together and they soon became a group. They didn't have a name at the time so they just called themselves by their names at the time. Then eventually they managed to get the siblings into the group and they became the main instrumentalists. And then the group became Heart4. This would soon be the best time of Ceclias' life and she was going to enjoy it. 

Her nickname by Gwenda and the twins is Princess
She really likes soup for some reason

RP Methods: discord
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