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USS Rostam

The USS Rostam is a Saladin-class Destroyer. Knowing that Saladin was one of the Muslim leaders who led his people against the European Crusaders during the 1100s, I decided to pick the name of another great Middle Eastern hero, Rostam. [link]

This model is mostly a kitbash of my Miranda. I modified the engine to place the warp grill on the bottom, rextexured EVERYTHING, and built the neck pylon.

What isn't noticeable is that I also ended up rebuilding the saucer as well. The Miranda saucer wound up with some serious geometry errors during a conversion/save. Luckily I was able to get the basic shape and start over almost-from-scratch. After applying the decals, I was able to save the new saucer and use them for both the Rostam and the Miranda.

Model and image © Liz Gibbs
All things Star Trek © Paramoun
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Really nice   Haven't seen one of these since the original Technical Manual ( still burnt into my brain )  Nice picture and awesome work on the saucer
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Really? I figured the Saladin-class starships were fairly common among Trek modelers. It's a really easy kitbash if you've made a Connie. Just stick an engine under the neck and there you have it! And it seems that most Trek fans almost always try to build the Constitution class right off. 

Anyway, thanks for viewing! I'm glad you like this render.
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I remember those ships! So cool!