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USS Miranda ortho 1

About 11 or so years ago, I tried to build the USS Miranda. I'm sure that since STII:Wrath of Khan came out, a bunch of fans have tried to design a precursor to the Reliant. Flat hulled ship with underslung engines and a roll bar.

So, like a lot of modelers, I started by rebuilding the saucer section, then moved onto the rear hull part, and decided to re-purpose the engines from my TOS-styled DS9 Defiant.

That's when I remembered that for the original series, each Ship had it's own insignia. Enterprise's familiar Arrowhead, Defiant's boomerang, and some more... creative designs which baffle me. Taking a cue from the design notes for the USS Reliant (so says the internetz!), the name Miranda for the Miranda Class is taken from Shakespeare's The Tempest which in turn was named after one of Saturn's Moons.

Model and image © Liz Gibbs
All things Star Trek © Paramoun
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one of the best i have seen as well.
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I love this class of ship, Kahn or no Kahn, the Reliant just looks awesome! :D
I think that's why I like the Enterprise NX-01 so much, with the tight-compact look and the nacelles perched where they are.
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When I built the Miranda and designed her patch, everyone else seemed to be bodging the USS Enterprise in so many different forms. I'd once built the NX-01 when the show first aired using fuzzy screen caps and replaying the intro over and over to try and get every angle. Never posted it online because it was sooo inaccurate and absolutely dreadful!
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Meh, dreadful or not, an homage is an homage just the same. It would be nice to see.
I did vector art of the classic galactica's Viper and Raider fighters based on die-cast mini-models.
Those turned out fairly inaccurate too, but they looked well enough.

I have a little Johnny Lightning model of the NX-01 I got years ago on a whim because It was on sale and I liked the shape of the ship... years before I was the cadet-Treky I am today. :D
I actually just spent the last half hour reading about the fictional science of warp drives/theory.
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This is one of the most beautiful Miranda-TOS-classes I have ever seen. :worship:
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Thanks! Took a bit of work to get it just right. Well for me anyway.
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You should check out ~davemetlesits Miranda, it's awesome.
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It is one of the better designs out there.
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