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TOS Style Klingon BoP ortho. 1

I've never seen a Klingon BoP done in a TOS style. So I meshed this out in a straight 5 hour run. Detailing a TOS design can be a little tricky for me. I see all of this open space and I just want to put something there. The original series design ethos is sleek and simple. With all of the components being internal and accessible from within.

Inspired by my Romulan BoP with a Klingon paint scheme, I figured I'd try this.

Ortho. No. 2 can be seen here: [link]

Model and image © Liz Gibbs
All things Star Trek © Paramoun
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I have two estimates for the size, based on the picture this shows up in. Assuming the windows are only 1m in radius, and 2.5m decks, it would have a length of ~70m and a ~3.5 decks. The neck would be *just* big enough to fit an access way, though taller crew members would probably have to stoop to get through it.

The second estimate is twice that size.

I feel like the first fits a bit better.
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What would your estimates be based on this render?
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Given the D-7 is supposed to be ~230m long, I'd say that render puts it solidly in the 70m range.
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Right on. I don't remember if I scaled it intentionally when I built the models, but I know the port holes are the same size between the two ships. I did try to keep some consistency when I made my Trek vessels.
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Great model. Would you be willing to share this and any other you might have for use in a fan made Star Trek game, a successor to BOTF? This would be perfect for our TOS BoP
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I'm afraid my models have too high a polygon count to be used in games. Someone would have to convert it to a useable format for another 3D package (like Max, Blender, or Lightwave), unwrap the UV space, then make a lowpolygon version and transfer detail from high-poly model to the game model.

However you can use my designs as reference material to create your own models! 
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Well that would also be great, thank you. We use high-poly models for various videos, prerendered images...etc and then create low poly versions for the game engine.

We are also always looking for new followers(hmm, perhaps a wrong word, people who simply hang out or help with ideas, concepts, etc...) or even team members, all trekkies welcomed, specially those as talented as you.
A very interesting design!

Personally, I'd use a thicker neck section to give it a more aggressive appearance and to give a bit more sense of scale (correct me if I'm wrong, but from the scale it looks like the crew would barely be able to stand upright in the neck hallway).
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Like most Bird of Prey designs, it's size is dependant upon the scene that it is featured in. *grins* But if you want a general size comparison, the windows are the same size as are on the D-7 Battlecruiser. [link]

As for being menacing? Well that's all a matter of perspective! [link]
Ah. So that scale would make the neck section about one-and-a-half decks tall at the narrow end?

I agree, from head-on it looks just as menacing as it's descendant!
(Just a thought, but I'd experiment with extending the wing hinges a little more aft. The rounded tail doesn't seem to fit the general air of menace a bird of prey is supposed to project.)
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Very nice; I just :iconfav3dplz:'d this.
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Hey, thanks! Glad you like my model renders.
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Just the Star Trek ones...
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