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FAN ART: PHX-4L Phoenix Hawk

After a couple of years, I've FINALLY gotten back to rebuilding this model. Until yesterday, I had only gotten as far as the top half. Procrastination and a severe lack of interest kept me from building the legs on this thing.

It's the PHX-4L Phoenix Hawk, featured on the cover of Technical Readout: Project Phoenix. I first tried to build this model when WizKids (then owner of the BattleTech franchise) published preview images of a number of designs back in... 2003 or so. With just the original 3/4 view artwork as my sole reference, I tried to work out the full design.

Basically I wanted to be the first to build a 3D model of the thing. Turns out a lot of fans didn't like the "Reseen" 'Mechs. But I did create a low-poly model for use in a number of games (IS3028, BattleTech Simulator, etc.). And used the game model in an early 3D image: A Game With Dice. [link]

So here it is, my rebuild and completed model. After v1 was done 7 years ago.

BattleTech and other related: © & ® WizKids, Inc. (
Image and models © Liz Gibbs
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i remember playing in this in the original Mech warrior for DOS....i hope they add it into Mechwarrior Online.
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If they do add the PHawk to MWO, it'll have to look something like this. They very well can't use the Macross design.
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This is a good render of the reseen Phoenix Hawk.

I can't say I was ever a big fan of a lot of the reseen 'mechs though. Too many of the designs looked rushed or half-assed in the re-released TRO's.
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They may have been rushed due to a number of factors. I haven't seen the newest artwork in the reissued TROs lately so I can't really judge.

I liked a number of Reseen designs. The PHawk, Locust, Warhammer, Griffin, and BattleMaster looked good to me. Some of the others didn't really resemble their original Anime counterparts. Others seem rather ungainly (like thePHawk's massive jump pack).
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Have you seen the Japanese Battletech version of the Phoenix Hawk? [link]
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Yeah, I've seen the whole cast of characters for the Japanese version. Talk about laughably over designed!
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Most of them, yes. Some of them are pretty cool, namely the commando, stinger, and wasp. The rifleman's not bad either.
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