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FAN ART: A Game With Dice

I found this one while cleaning out my harddrive.

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Models and this image © Liz Gibbs
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i think this is a stroke of genious! XD a rendered verson of the table top <3!
LizzyGibbs3D's avatar
Years ago I wanted to do something similar for a Star Trek themed image. I just didn't have the skills, models, or a good enough computer at the time.

The tabletop render idea stuck with me as you can tell!
Omigir's avatar
n__n i think you pulled it off smashingly!
Dakinus's avatar
you have great images but this one is my favorite. i'm actually tempted to print it off and take it to the game shop where we play this game...

have you ever made mechwarrior darkage units?
LizzyGibbs3D's avatar
Can't say that I have. I hadn't had any incentive to do so yet.
TerratoX1's avatar
I thought it was real too!
Ill place my bets on the combine ;)
LizzyGibbs3D's avatar
Thanks! It's amazing what you can do with lowpoly models and bumpmaps.
xbreed's avatar
Dude... I thought this was a picture of a real game on someone's table for a sec. XD awesome job, as usual, Lizzeh.
LizzyGibbs3D's avatar
Thanks Ty! LOL The only thing missing is cheesy puffs and stale Dorritos.
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