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Defiant Ortho No.2

Someone asked me for some orthographies. Here's the front, back and side of my Defiant model featured in [link]

Defiant Ortho No. 1: [link]

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That's seriously nice.
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Thank you! It took me a few attempts and a lot of input from other 3D model builders and Star Trek fans to get the look down.
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Awesome design, although I foresee the danger of "friendly fire" if she's in battle with the TOS Romulans.
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Is this something that the Defiant eventually evolved from?
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It's a possibility if you go from a design standpoint. Just like how the Akira class could have evolved from the NX-01 Enterprise.

But... No. I didn't think of it that way when I worked on my version. I wanted to "retrograde" the Defiant to a 1960s TOS style.
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That's a nice body style, but in a battle, an enemy ship could shoot off the nacelles, leaving her unable to warp to safety.
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That's true with any Star Trek design. Especially if they follow Roddenberry's guidelines for ship design.

Rule #1 Warp nacelles *must* be in pairs.
"The 'All Good Things' Enterprise is explained not to violate these because it has two warp field coils in each nacelle, thus creating three pairs. The Franz Joseph Designs single-nacelle ships are not official canon..."

Rule #2 Warp nacelles must have at least 50% line-of-sight on each other across the hull.

Rule #3 Both warp nacelles must be fully visible from the front.

Rule #4 The bridge must be located at the top center of the primary hull.

From Ex-Astris Scientia: [link]

Also having the bridge placement makes it an easier target as well. You can take out the entire command staff with a well placed shot. There's a lot of things about Trek that's tactically unsound or just doesn't make sense design-wise. But since it's not real and there for entertainment (and in case of ships, design) purposes.
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Nevertheless, she's a nice little ship. I designed one for the Federation, called the USS Giacchino, that has a Miranda-class body, Romulan bird-o-prey wings, and Sovereign-class nacelles. I also came up with a ship called the Independence, fusing Sovereign-class components with Akira (deflector housing) and Miranda (spoiler and weapons). Her registry is NCC-1776.
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