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Captured Romulan Ship

I had an idea in mind for an image featuring a Romulan Bird of Prey with a Klingon paint scheme flanked by a pair of TOS styled Klingon Birds of Prey.

Since there was a trade in technology and ships in the Star Trek back story (like the D7 Battlecruiser featured in the episode "The Enterprise Incident"). I would imagine that not all technology trade was...peaceful.

When I showed the model to other people, a lot of Trek fans didn't seem to like the idea of a Romulan ship with a Klingon paint.

This is the same model I used in the image At Last Report [link] I just tweaked the geometry a little and changed the textures, plus gave it some better lighting.

Model and image © Liz Gibbs
All things Star Trek © Paramount
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Don't feel bad. Alot of fans get defensive and triggered when they see or hear something that goes against their personal head-canon. Just keep up the great work, and you'll find your true fanbase soon enough. 😎👍

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More people have come around in the last 11 years. LOL


Would you happen to have more images of this variant Bird of Prey? I would like to attempt to make a model replica of it. 
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It's just the standard Romulan BoP with a custom paint scheme. The only difference is I added some glowing bits to the warp engines.
Positively LOVE IT!!!!
Positively LOVE IT!!! This is very inspirational for me to build an AMT Rom B.O.P. with Klingon decals!!! I can't say enough good things about this!!! Kudos!!!!!
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Hey thanks! Sounds like a good project to do. Take pics of each stage and post them to your dA page. If/when you do, I'd like to see it.
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really, trekkies didn't like?   I think this rocks !!
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A lot didn't give me a good response when I gave it this paint job. Though now that more people have seen this ship, there seems to be a greater consensus that a Klingon-captured Romulan Bird of Prey makes a lot of sense and tells a bit of a backstory on its own. I think that in itself makes this a special design.
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I can imagine epic history behind this shot... this is the art that I like... that behind I can imagine some adventure
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That's one of the things I try to do with my images (if they're not just model renders) is to try and show a snap shot part of a greater story, and let the viewer fill in the rest. This model does a little of both.
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Just saw At Last Report; nice to see the retro-Defiant killing some enemy ships.
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Actually, I lik it. And it makes a lot of sense.
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Thanks! While the visual look didn't work for my final image (at least to me) I didn't want to just dump the design concept. The idea of a Klingon style paint job on a Romulan BoP sort of tells a story on its own.
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