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Battletech / MechWarrior Nova

The Clan Nova. Known as the Black Hawk in the Innersphere, the Prime variant mounts 12 extended range medium lasers on a 50 ton chassis.

Another Tech Readout: 3050 Omnimech; this was another fairly quick build. Without the antennae it stands just over 8 meters tall. The Elemental battlearmored trooper stands at 2.5 meters.

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little story:

For the better part of a decade I had an arguement with my brother that the Black Hawk and Nova were the same thing ever since I saw the forward view of the BH in the manual for The Crescent Hawks Revenge, and then played Mechwarrior2 some years later and saw the Nova in full 3d. He INSISTED for years it was not the same mech. I still tease him about it for being wrong.