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At Last Report...

I had this idea to remake the Defiant from Deep Space Nine into the style of the original Star Trek series.

Yes, I know the USS Defiant was a Constitution class when Shatner donned his girdle to play Captain Kirk. Well, the redesign was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Plus my end result was ugly and I eventually deleted the would-be project in frustration.

A couple of rebuilds later and I finally came up with a design that not only fits the look of the DS9 version, but captures the style of the original Star Trek look.

Not satisfied with just having the Defiant, I needed some sort of adversary. Instantly I got the idea to build the Romulan Bird of Prey (with a few touches of my own). That particular model was pretty easy and took me about four hours to build and texture!

For those interested in the software I used...
- trueSpace 7.6
- Vue 5
- Photoshop

Changed some of the effects to make it look a little better.

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Are the blue flashes phaser bolts (from a phaser cannon), or photon torpedoes?
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VERY nicely done!

And, easy to justify the name too. Since the original Defiant met a bad end this could be it's new namesake: [link]
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If you watched Star Trek: Enterprise, the final season shows that the original Defiant was pulled into the Mirror Universe (and back in time!) where it was liberated by Captain Johnathan Archer and used to take over the Terran Empire.
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(suggestion) this battle could be near the same area of space where enterprise c came into the mid-2360s. your battle is 100 year before. Continue the story.
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this is a great design and very very star trek do more with the design you could have your design meet the defiant
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Awesome rendering... but...

Poor bird of prey!

I always liked those ships. Romulans may be bitches, but their ships looked cool from the start.

Anyway, like the redesign. I think it lives up to series one design pretty well.
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