Winter Woman
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Something cold for a cold season, and cause I'm cold and have been plagued by a cold for several days now. *sniffles*

anyway, I'm sure there are a lot of people who are chock full to bursting with nice comments for me, and those are always appreciated, but don't be afraid to critique as well, okay? Even something small could be a big help, yeah? :)

think I'll make a print of this later, too... I've barely used my print account at all XD

edit: changed some things best I could according to people's advice...hope it looks a little better ^^; some things not so much because it was intentional or because I don't know how. like the face? No matter how much I stare at it at different angles it still looks like a woman's to me. kinda frustrating XD

and thanks for all the crits guys, seriously... :)
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Love this. Wanting to base a costume around this for New Orleans comicon nextyear if you are ok with it?
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Lizzy-John's avatar
Go for it.
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Nikopollumero's avatar
I think i just fell in love
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Aakami|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love your way of colouring and all the little details that just show the difference of levels between you and many other artist around here. One can see you really ARE a great artist <3
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Moszat|Hobbyist Artist
Cool art man!
Fav :)
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NLinnovations|Professional Digital Artist
She seems villainous. There's a lot of character in her expression, especially considering she's leading that cult of creepy non-humans.
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CamerDesigner|Professional Digital Artist
Nice work. Green, Gray on the snow. J'aime cette composition
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now, thats something cool! :D
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Very nice work!
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nice work!. Winter my favorite season
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Amazing coloring. The image is great!
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No-Regret-No-End's avatar
Full View Or Die!!!
I love it btw[link]
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animorph4ever's avatar
Absolutely incredible piece
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On-A-WHM's avatar
Nice use of cold colors! It really gives the landscape a sense of desolence.

Great use in detail on the main figure and some of the drones coming into view as well. :thumbsup:
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EmiliaPaw5|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i love how you used hints of colors, makes the image more interesting
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Keyblade-JR's avatar
Awesome colors!! :O
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minimasake's avatar
So pretty and detailed ~ !
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Kitty-Kunoichi's avatar
Vey nice :D I love her scythe and the colours!
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Sileas|Professional General Artist
What a beautiful design!
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xSlaerx's avatar
I really like this piece.. especially the way you pick your colors. It's very eye-popping.

The only critique I can give, and remember this isn't really an artist's opinion, but more a viewer's, is that her smaller chest and the way her head is positioned makes her look a little bit like a male in a dress. I think her chest needs to be just a tad more pronounced.
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Well done!!!
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Heroic-Shadow's avatar
I noticed the scythe has parts of the blade chipped off, is it possible for people to fight off death? I suppose they didn't win if he is still doing his work.
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Draggah-N's avatar
Amazing work. The only thing I would mention is that her right wrist seems to be at an uncomfortable angle for that pose. Other that that, it's stunning work.
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I love this picture, really. There are so many Pics on Deviant art but i LOVE this pic! *_*
You're my idol!
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