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Instead of posting my stock rules on each and every stock photo, I will simply post a link to this journal, and update this journal as I come across issues that need to be addressed or as I think of possible issues. It's just ten little rules. Ten was good enough for God, it should work for me.

:bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred:YOU ARE FREE TO USE MY STOCK IMAGES UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS::bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple:

1) Yes, you may use them for commercial work, but you must let me know. (Mostly for bragging rights.:smugjig: ) Donations for commercial use of my work would be appreciated, but are not required. (If you have a Paypal account, you may send donations to the Paypal account lizzieartist@yahoo.com. Include a message so I know what it's for, or the random appearance of money will confuse me.)

2) There must be significant modification or work done to any stock photo if you are going to use it for any commercial work. That means more than some color changes, filters, or effects. You may draw or paint an exact copy. (I would consider that significant work, as drawing and painting are really starting from scratch. Artistic Photoshop filters do not count!)

3) If the work you've done to my stock isn't significant, you may still post it, you just can't sell it or distribute it. There's nothing wrong with displaying your practice work. I understand that beginners start small, so show us what you've got!Gallery 

4) You may not re-post or distribute my stock images. If you for some reason want to let the world know about my stock images, post a link or use the thumbnail feature. You may post them as a heading in a blog or similar post, or use them in a tutorial, as long as it's scaled down to 72 dpi and 5 inches on the longest side, or scaled down to 72 dpi and significantly cropped, and you include a link to my profile or the original stock image.

5) You may not make work that uses my stock available for download unless, as in rule #2, the work is significant. Otherwise, this counts as distributing my work. That said, yes, you may use my stock to make other stock, as long as you follow this rule, and all the others.

6) Where possible, you must give credit for the stock, and link the art to my page and/or the deviation when posting the work online.

7) You must comment or note me with a link to the work or post you used it in, or use the new Mentions feature in the credits to notify me.

8) You may use my stock outside of deviantART, as long as you link me to it and credit me, and follow all the other rules.

9) Work that uses my stock may not contain pornographic or overtly sexual themes, nor be discriminating toward any race, religion, sex, etc. You may use my stock to make social or religious commentary, but beware! The line between discrimination and observation can be a fine one.

10) Last but not least, failure to read my stock rules does not excuse you from violating them.

Sorry about all the rules, but I hope I made all that clear enough. If anyone has any questions, please ask, and I will respond to you personally as well as update this journal. Even if you think it's a silly question, I'd much rather have you ask first than have to deal with it after the fact. Thanks!
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Hi!  Wasn't sure where to link you, figured this post would work.  I've used one of your cat eye stock photos to make a custom zbrush alpha for some student work, blog post is here: rclementsportfolio.blogspot.co…

Thank you for allowing people to use your beautiful photography!