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Living on the streets (Homeless awareness poem)
I don’t understand
When people walk along the paths of sidewalks with nothing but a bag
Absent minded that can be seen through there faces like video game lag
And I can’t help but resent the fact that this is our world
Where people are poor and thrown out in one whirl
And hoping everyday doesn’t cut it
Praying for a miracle to help poverty
But praying gets you no where I would know
Waiting for miracles my whole life I’ve hoped
And there they go the mother and child wrapped in rags from head to toe
This is what I see on the streets it’s worse then death row
Living but wishing you were dead everyday
Getting laughed at and criticized by people in cars not knowing what to say
America told me there was a dream
The American dream
But where does it come into play
When I gravel and sleep on the ground each day
Not knowing when my next meal will appear
It could be days, or months, or years
As I walk by restaurants with people leaving behind their food
I c
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Mature content
The people :iconlizzicess:lizzicess 0 0
Love's Devistation
So sick of getting hurt
To fall in love and flirt
Waiting for moments that never end
Suddenly in the dark it bends
Lost and confused we stand apart
You have a very special place in my heart
Bound with memories that lasted
Crashed by memories that failed
You took advantage through my soul
and broke me through my devastated role
You captured my soul and I allowed you willingly
Disgraced by what I've allowed thrillingly
Look who really lost in the end
You and that will never mend
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Your pain is no match
You hurt like an arrow piercing through a heart
Blood dripping rapidly at a alarming start
You destroyed what's left of me
Why is it so hard for you to see?
Will you ever know when to stop when to halt when enough is enough
But you continue to torture me with your words they are rough
Bullying is not fair
I've done nothing to deserve your terror affair
I stand strong to you because your not worth my time
Making me feel pain from the hurt you feel inside
A masked drama king in disguise you won't acquit
Just because you feel pain gives you no right to pass it
Just try to understand I've made mistakes
But I've always been true to you and never fake
At the time you were bored and our love had an impact
Grow up and grow a backbone your now the circus act
Your sensitivity is off the charts call me when your back on track
Move on with your life because your falling through the crack
You know who you are I'm calling you out
To scared to show yourself take another route
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Threatened by your words and thoughts
Life is worth my beating heart
You can't destroy what I have left
Let me be happy through life's threats
You are nothing compared to me other then a memory
Dying deep inside I find your corpse of life is left behind
Save me from your hatred
your Depression
Save me from you
Your threatening eyes won't leave me in a bind
Die within your sorrowed mind 
Decapitate with your life's crimes
You are no longer apart of me which sooner or later you will see
I'm the better person here waiting for life's change
While you die and burn withering with rage
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Castle of lies
Walking by a piece of history
memories fly through like a mystery
Staring me in the eyes I see
A building staring straight at me 
Holding truths building up lies
until there is no more this architecture dies
Through tears your lies are no more
Your purified without the harm of which you had to endure
Save your truths in your locked up heart
While you watch your body pull apart
Watching yourself whither away
Like a flower does you have no say
~Castle Of Lies
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