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Childish Dreams
I still remember that night…when I was young. Every child had nightmares, and forgot them. I never forgot them, ever.
I was laying in my bed, covered by a heavy Strawberry Shortcake blanket. I still don’t know what time it was, but it was long after the rest of the house had gone to sleep. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me. There was a constant buzzing in my ear and a heartbeat that I was sure was just the blood rushing though my ears. I had turned to face the window that looked onto the street, and when I did, I was suddenly frozen with fear. I thought I saw to glowing white eyes staring at me from out my window. It scared me so much that I screamed for my mom, and she just told me they were streetlights and left. Those were not streetlights. They wouldn’t move or do anything if I stared at them, but when I blinked, I swore they got bigger; and if I stared long enough they would blink. Eventually it freaked me out enough that I decided to suck it in and turn
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what makes a heart beat
what makes a heartbeat
blackened hair and
misfit eyes
and sleepless nights.
wandering dreams
day and night.
what makes my heartbeat
a crooked smile
and shining eyes
carameled skin
and a goodbye.
what makes this heartbeat
one-sided conversations full of passion.
one listens, one mimmes
what makes my heartbeat
beat for you
a thought
a smile
a missed oportuinity
my heart beats...
it beats for you
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this and that
I’m tired of this
I’m tired of that
I’m tired of her
And I’m tired of him
Society these days is so infatuated
With the idea of standing up for the
Bullied and the oppressed
For the cheated and the beaten
/whisper, whisper/
Look at her clothes
I think he's homeless
She deserves that black eye
How can SHE be depressed?
/whisper, whisper/
Oh no,
You were made fun of?
No, no, no, we can't stand for that!
/whisper, whisper/
You turn around and you whisper the harshest
Things you can come up with
You turn the other cheek
You act all innocent
I can't say I haven't been a criminal
I can't say I haven't been a victim
A single day in this society
would drive any newcomer mad.
Day 1: oh her, yeah, she's fantastic!
Day 2: oh /her/, yeah...she's a whore.
Why do we say one thing and then
Turn around and
Whisper, whisper
The next time I hear you ragging on one of my friends
Saying he looks homeless
Just because he's weird
He’s not normal
He doesn’t fit into you soc
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Dance of the Couragous
Dance of the courageous- inspired by Robert Frost
Whose heart this is I think I know
Her ambition stirs and makes a show
A woman you have not yet seen
You have to catch her then let go
My little heart must think this strange
To stop and stare right at this stage
Where she flaunts and dances through the night
Then smiles and slams me into a cage
With a laugh she waves a key
She might be who I seem to see
Glancing at me in a mirror
But I wish her not to be me
She is now the one you see
I the one that must have that key
Maybe within you is she  
Go look in a mirror with me
Go look in a mirror, you shall be.
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Draw Me by lizzard294 Draw Me :iconlizzard294:lizzard294 4 0
One Shot Dmmd Kojaku bad ending alternate
“Aaaahhhh!!” the voice it’s in my head, I hear him. Destroy. Destroy. Destroy everything. I suddenly felt someone shaking me and I saw Kojaku’s worried face through blurry vision.
“Oi! Aoba, what’s wrong?!” I tried answering but my voice only came out with a grunt. Destroy destroy destroy!!
“Aaaahhaa” I cried again. Suddenly a face appeared on the monitor and there was a large, resounding crash.
“A State of emergency?” Kojaku said breathlessly concerned. The sirens wailed in the background.
“Aoba…come on, let’s go!” he said lifting me up to my feet. “are you ok, I’ll help you?”
“I’m fine…” I groaned, holding my stomach as if I was going to throw up. I lagged behind as the Beni-shigure members started forward to the big red door.
“What is it?” Kojaku eyed me, trying to pull me forward.
“…It’s my powers…I
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The Hunt- a Doctor Who story -prolog
Xander sat uncomfortably in the fishing boat, repairing a torn net, while old Rend cast the only good net over the side, in hopes of a good catch in the dead of night when all the other fishermen had gone to bed, leaving the water's undisturbed, and the fish unfrightened.
The boy, no older than twelve at most, tied the worn nets as quickly as he could, but in the cold and with nothing but flickering lamplight that became no easy task. His fingers grew numb and he began to fumble with the small cords that held the net together until he set it down and tried to rub warmth and life into the small digit once more. Rend shot him a steely glance through his small beady eyes.
"You're stopping?" he said in a gravelly voice.
Xander stopped and opened his mouth to speak, "I..."
"Don't waste yer time flappin’ yer lips at me, boy. Shut up an get to work!"
Xander looked down once more at the net and resumed fumbling with the cords, and lightly sniffing in the cold air. The sailor suddenly fel
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Tamer - Boston - chapter 14
December 2nd - 11:30am
On the plane ride, Connor, Samuel, and Willow sat in the back of the plane together. Connor had happily received the window seat. Samuel sat next to him, and Willow, she was stuck in the isle, being hit every time someone passed by. The plane had been up for maybe 20 minutes, and the conversation between the three had dwindled. It made Connor think of the past months he’s spent with Samuel. He hadn’t really thought about it before; he had come to Samuel’s side without knowing how he knew Olivia and James, or even himself for that matter. He looked to the caramel haired man and nudged his elbow.
“Hey Samuel?” he said quietly, feeling like the whole plane was listening to him.
“Hm?” Samuel groaned. Connor wondered briefly if he should even ask.  
“You never told me how you knew Olivia and her dad, or me.” Samuel glanced at him with one tired silver eye.
“What’s brought this on?” he croaked
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look i made a Capaldi by lizzard294 look i made a Capaldi :iconlizzard294:lizzard294 2 2 Img 20131230 145032 by lizzard294 Img 20131230 145032 :iconlizzard294:lizzard294 0 11
Tsuna's Possession - chapters 5-8
The hallway they walked down was dark, the light overhead dim from the old bulbs. Tsuna looked out the window; nighttime covered the abandoned parking lot, the lights outside flickering off and on. I wonder if Reborn noticed that we haven’t come home. We couldn’t have gone that far from Namimori, could we? It was daylight when they attacked and daylight when we woke up…Tsuna thought keeping his mind preoccupied so as not to think about what was going to happen. After a while of walking down the creepy hall, they stopped in front of a door with a small window that had wires crisscrossing through it, set in it. One of the guards opened the door and shoved all of them but Tsuna in. One of the bigger men picked up Tsuna, threw him over his shoulder as if he was a sack of flour, and started to carry him down the hall. Tsuna squirmed in his arms but could only use his legs. He tried to kick the man in the face, but the man dodged the foot.
“Let me go!” Tsu
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Tsuna's Possession - chapters 1-4
AN: i was to impatient to find any of the Italicised parts, so they're in normal font here, if you come across one you'll probably be able to tell that they are thoughts.
BAM! “Wake up Dame-Tsuna” reborn chided. Beginning
“Owow!” Tsuna cried rolling around on his bed clutching his head. “Reborn! Why do you always use the Leon style wakeup call, I have an alarm clock ya know!” Tsuna shouted
“One, because it’s fun and two, you never wake up to that thing.” Reborn smirked.
“Why me? “ Tsuna sobbed
All ready for school Tsuna walked down the stairs, more like fall down the stairs. Tsuna went to the fridge to get some breakfast when he heard Reborn say “Bianchi! Get me a beer”
“Of course Reborn” Bianchi smiled.
“Haaa? Reborn you’re just a baby!” Reborn jumped out of his chair and kicked Tsuna in the face.
“I’m not a baby, Dame-Tsuna.”
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my new uploaded pictures !!!


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
i tend to get obsessed ove an anime really easily, depending on if it the type of show i like though.
i love to read!! and write, most of the time though my writings are fanfictions. i only have one that's actually mine, called Tamer. *shrug* oh well
i honestly to don't know how to describe myself. i love to draw but i'm still an amature. i like to write but my grammar is horrid, spelling too.
when i'm with my friends i'm quite loud and enegetic but other words, i'm semi-quiet....
i'm also a science nerd...:iconhurrplz:


i don't want to clean and pack my room...i have to much crap...-sighs-
to much little itty bitty stuff that i decided to keep when i was little. WHY ME, WHY! why you keep everytihng...
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been a long time since a journal entry...oh well..sorry...i'm jus tlike SUPER bored right one is online that will roleplay with me and my OC auuugh...Gabe is lonely. -rolls around on the floor- auuuuuughhhh
  • Listening to: the mighty fall- by fall out boy
  • Reading: city of heavenly fire, the death cure
  • Playing: minecraft/halo
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: drinks
holy flipping crap, i've been on here three years already???
  • Listening to: the mighty fall- by fall out boy
  • Reading: the Riyria chronicales, the rose and the thorn
  • Watching: sherlock, Doctor who, etc etc
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