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White lace tattoo by Liz Venom

I went against the rules a bit with this tattoo and I think it worked. This is entirely done in Intenze white ink with my Mickey sharpz tattoo machine.

I have asked the client to come back for a fully healed photo so we can see how well all white tattoos truly stand up to the test of time.

If you love my work be sure to like my public page on facebook for up to date portfolio and tour dates [link]
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this is a nice idea :meow: 
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Wow! it is perf!Jake Icon *Free to Use 
Were you using metal tubes? I ask because it looks like you've got some grey in the lower leaves which is more likely to occur with metal as opposed to disposable plastic. Just curious.
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No we use only disposable rubber tubes, the purple in the bottom right is just leftover stencil. It would wash away in the next few days, I didn't want to scrub her fresh tattoo (ouch!) to get it all off.
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Absolutely stunning. Will be looking forward to the fully healed pic
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Please please remember to post the healed photo. I really want to know if a white ink tattoo can last... it's all I want. I think I'm far too pale for dark ink and love the idea of that almost-translucent ink all over everything.
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If she comes back I certainly will, I will shop a side by side for everyone. A lot of it also depends on how well she takes care of it. I make sure I give everyone foolproof aftercare instructions, but it is still a foot tattoo, anything could happen
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Thanks so much!!
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I'm usually against white tattoos, but this one ain't bad. I think some color would look nice in it.
Very nice. I hope when it heals it looks just as amazing as it does in the picture!
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