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Solo Quickies Number 1
"Sexy Boy" by Shawn Michaels
The black boy turned his head to look at the source of the call at that, despite already recognizing the voice as his friend Sarah Cook; as the redhead in thick glasses came to a stop at his side, he turned his head forward once more but at an angle to ask, "Heh. How are you?"
"Good, good. Don't see ya around much lately."
While the girl, who looked like every standard stereotype of a nerdy girl, adjusted her glasses, Marcus explained, "Yeah, been keeping busy lately. . ."
Of course, given the fact he and Sarah had briefly dated, he couldn't go too far into detail about his current girlfriend of the same name, and there were other things Marcus often got involved with that he'd rather not go into. Both because he hated thinking about the more transformation-happy aspects of his life, and he would rather not divulge the existence of magic to many people even if those parts of it were left out of the discussion.
As such, the whi
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 2 1
Gotta Pin Em All: WrestleMania by Lizuka Gotta Pin Em All: WrestleMania :iconlizuka:Lizuka 39 3
Fellas, Episode 3
[Episode Three]

[Establishing shot of our setting, before we cut to inside of the apartment. There Ted DiBiase and Sheamus are in the midst of a game of chess.]
Ted: King me!
Sheamus: What're ya, stupid? This is chess - ya only got one king, and he don't get to do anything but die.
Ted: Hmph. It's only a term Daddy always used - give me my queen back, then.
Sheamus: Yeah, yeah. . .
[Sheamus digs the given piece out of a collection of them and puts it in place of one of Ted's pawns with a sigh. Right after he does so, the door opens and Drew McIntyre enters wearing a suit.]
Drew: It is time for the party to end!
Sheamus: What're ya jabberin' about?
[Drew properly enters into the room, wearing a very forced grin.]
Drew: My new girlfriend has told me to work on using proper grammar.
Ted: New girlfriend?
Drew: Yes, I have a new girlefriend. Her name is Tiffany. . . I forget her last name, but it doesn't matter. I believe that one of these days it's going to be replaced with M
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 0 1
Fellas - Episode 2
[Episode Two]
[Scene One]

[Establishing shot of our setting, Louisville, Kentucky. We see a few shots of the city, and then the outside of the apartment complex in which the cast lives. We then cut to the inside, where Sheamus sits on the couch reading a magazine when the front door opens and Rosa Mendez walks in with Carlito.]
Rosa: Hola!
Sheamus: What's this fella's name?
Rosa: Oh, this is Carlito. He's--
Carlito: I'm cool.
Sheamus: Oh, cool. Of course y'are.
Carlito: Hey, I am the son of the legendary Carlos Colon - Carlito deserves respect.
Sheamus: Listen, fella, I come from Ireland - I ain't ever heard of your damn pa.
[Ted DiBiase enters from the hall then, scowling while holding up a piece of paper.]
Ted: Can you believe this?
Sheamus: Rosa's still with that fella she mentioned last week? Sure can't.
Ted: What? No, this!
Rosa: Ya know, you've gotta say what 'this' is - no one can read a piece of paper with tiny writing on it halfway across the room.
Ted: Re
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 4 5
Fellas - Episode 1
[Scene One]
[Establishing shot of our setting, Louisville, Kentucky. We see a few shots of the city, and then the outside of the apartment complex in which the cast lives. We then cut to the inside, where Yoshi Tatsu and Ted DiBiase are playing a Super Nintendo.]
Ted: Almost--
[We hear the generic Pac-Man death noise. Ted looks on in disbelief, while Yoshi leaps from the couch in celebration.]
Yoshi: Thank you!
[When Yoshi extends his hand for a handshake, Ted instead throws his controller and crosses his arms in a huff.]
Ted: No fair! This game's old... and cheap! Let's hook up the PS3, then I'll show you how good at these games I am.
[Before there can be any progress on this, Sheamus enters from his bedroom. He is scowling as always.]
Sheamus: Move up and out! I want ta watch Cheers, so get away from the TV 'fore I beat ya away from it.
Yoshi: No.
Sheamus: What was that? This TV is miiiiiiiine!
Ted: Ugh... Fine, take it. Come on, Yoshi, we're going to go see if Daddy ca
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 4 1
What Would Lance Cade Do?
What would Lance Ca-ade do
If he was here right now,
He'd make a plan
And he'd follow through,
That's what Lance Cade would do.
When Lance Cade was with Jindrak,
Gunning for the gold,
He did two Clotheslines, jobbed to Triple H,
Managed by black Cole.
When Lance Cade lived in a trailer,
Teamed with grizzly bears,
He used his spinebuster thing,
And laid down in the ring.
So what would Lance Ca-ade do
If he were here today,
I'm sure he'd only ge-et two,
That's what Lance Cade do.
I want Lance Cade back today,
Even if Big Show's taken his place.
And I just want Lance Cade
To start fighting everyone
Guess I'll stare at the lights, too,
Cos that's what Garrison Cade would do.
And what would Lance Ca-ade do,
He'd stand in the corner,
And watch Chris's dreams come true
That's what Lance Cade would do.
When Lance traveled through time
To the year 2010,
He fought the King of Kings
and stared at lights again
And when Lance Cade worked the indies,
He jobbed to Awesome Kong.
Cos Lance Cade doesn't
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 4 1
Hey Piggy
Oh Mickie, you're so fat
You're so fat, you blow my mind, hey Mickie, hey Mickie
Oh Mickie, you're so fat
You're so fat, you blow my mind, hey Mickie, hey Mickie
Oh Mickie, you're so fat
You're so fat, you blow my mind, hey Mickie...
Hey Mickie
You stay up all night, eatin' casseroles
You think you're pretty light but I call you jelly roll
Why can't we keep it light? So you can still walk home, Mickie
Cause when you say kid's meal, it always means foot long
You're gettin' some large chips, baby, please baby don't
Every night you eat me out of home, Mickie
Oh Mickie, what a fatty, you don't understand
You're takin' out your heart with the Skittles in your hand
Oh Mickie, you're so pudgy, can't you understand
It's girls like you, Mickie
Ooh what you do Mickie, do Mickie
Please spare your heart, Mickie
Hey Mickie
Stop eatin' so much food, it really shows ya know
Every time you move I feel a quiver 'cross the floor
It's something you can, so please say no, Mickie
So come on and toss some i
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 3 4
Oppur Town Girls No. 1, Part 2
Well, she guessed the place to start was removing the slightly older girl's pants, which naturally was not a welcome prospect. No sense actually focusing on this though, so instead the sandy-blond chose to look at and talk to her soiled friend, "Where is your sister's bed, anyway?" There also was, of course, the question of what had happened to the bed of Suzanne's that had been replaced with the crib she was being changed in.
"Huh?" The girl in glasses looked at the girl similarly visually impaired with confusion, blinking numbly while she tried to figure out what exactly was being referred to. After a few seconds though, she decided to forget whatever Mel was talking about and instead just correct her, "Me an' Katey share this'un. She jus' sleeps while I hold 'er..."
Well, that would have been kind of cute to consider regularly, but since these were two of her three best friends being spoken about here Mel couldn't quite see it that way and didn't really want to. Either way, as she g
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 12 13
Oppur Town Girls No. 1, Part 1
Oppur Town Girls

"Wendy! Honestly..."
"Aww, c'mon, why do you have to be such a stick in the mud, huh, Katey-Cat?"
The teasing tone of Wendy Nancy Flowers was a nice clash with that of one of her friends, Katlyn Ruby Parsons, as the "Katey-Cat" snatched her glasses back. The other two girls in the company of friends - Suzanne Vanessa Parsons and Mel Su Nunez - seemed to take Wendy's side in things more, each chuckling at the girl's reaction.
"Hee, ya know, she is kinda right, sis," spoke up the as-slightly-as-possible-younger, although much more cheerful, of the Parsons sisters with a smile. "You needa lighten up!"
Katlyn and Suzanne were twins, each a redhead of 5'7"; each had glasses, Katlyn's a little more of the sharp, practical variety while everything that needed saying about Suzanne was covered by the fact that her pair of glasses had pink grips and a butterfly in the lower right corner of the right lens. Katlyn was born to the world on June 10th twelve minutes
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 28 3
Gotta Pin 'Em All - Version 7 by Lizuka Gotta Pin 'Em All - Version 7 :iconlizuka:Lizuka 15 1 Batman Sprites - Round 3 by Lizuka Batman Sprites - Round 3 :iconlizuka:Lizuka 18 5 Yoshi's Boggly Nest by Lizuka Yoshi's Boggly Nest :iconlizuka:Lizuka 9 2 Yoshi Nest in the Forest Maze by Lizuka Yoshi Nest in the Forest Maze :iconlizuka:Lizuka 8 1 Batman Sprites - Round 2 by Lizuka Batman Sprites - Round 2 :iconlizuka:Lizuka 20 11
Fountain - Part Two
Both Nanthan and Jay knew full well that that wasn't exactly somewhere where one would usually go to get lunch in the strictest of senses, but they also both knew that it sounded really, really good right now. Especially on such a strange day - just getting some nice cookies to eat with best buddies sounded really, really nice to all three of them, and they all silently spread that information to the others.
Still, one of the boys was more distracted by a previous meal. "Um... That sounds real yummy 'nd all, but c'n we get me a new diapie first?"
"Awe dewe any stowes in da mall dat sell dos?" As far as Nanthan knew there were not - not that it's something he would have ever needed to look for, since even when shopping for his younger brother's needs he had never done that at the mall. "When we bought dem fow Wobbie we nevew got dem hewe..."
"But..." Jay wasn't the type to get upset by any means, and he still had something of a faint smile even through his discomfort. However, his diape
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 18 22
Welcome to the PokeFights
When I was a young boy
Professor took me into the high grass
To fight a Rattatta
He said, "Son, when you grow up
Would you be the savior of the legends
Then catch them yourself?
He said, "Will you defeat them
Your rival and all the gym leader
The plans Team Rocket's made?
Because one day, I'll leave you
An Eevee to lead you in the summer
To join the Pokéfights?"
Sometimes I get the feeling
I can beat Starmie
And other times I feel like I should go
And through it all, Flare Blitz you all
The Starlies in the streets
And when we're down we want you all to know
We'll Flareon, we'll Flareon
And Empoleon, believe me
Damn right we will Flareon, we'll Flareon
And in my ball, I can't contain it
The typing won't explain it
And while that sends us reeling
From decimated teams
Flareon won't get back in its ball
So Feint Attack and take it back
Let's shout out loud and clear
Do you fight it to the end?
We hear the call Vaporeon, we'll Flareon
And though you use Shellgon, believe me
Our team wi
:iconlizuka:Lizuka 1 4


ROCKETSHIP by elixirXsczjX13 ROCKETSHIP :iconelixirxsczjx13:elixirXsczjX13 1,890 158 Erika's New Perfume 36 by AbeSedecim Erika's New Perfume 36 :iconabesedecim:AbeSedecim 55 3 Kirby has become... GOD by IvynaJSpyder Kirby has become... GOD :iconivynajspyder:IvynaJSpyder 466 92 Sand pirates - EMTC contest by JulienPradet Sand pirates - EMTC contest :iconjulienpradet:JulienPradet 1,312 309
Yuki Learns To Share
"But if Yuki's not potty trained, how'd she go swimming at the beach?"
Maybe it was a mistake to let Imouto in on this. Sighing, Kyon put a hand on his head as he walked downstairs, his sister still holding the package of diapers he'd bought, "It's complicated. Just don't bombard her with questions on this, okay."
"Awww, okay," mumbled out the little girl, skipping behind her brother. "So why didn't she get potty trained? Did her mom and dad not want to-"
"That's her..." Leaving his sister in the living room, Kyon stepped forward, opening the door. "Hey. Good to see you."
"Hello," answered the girl at the door simply, a book held to her chest as per her usual and stance perfectly still. She stood perfectly still and emotionless as always, especially given what the girl had to say next, "As a precautionary warning, there are approximately seven seconds until I will be forced to make poopy. Four seconds."
"WAITWAITWAIT!" Oh, god. The bathroom was toward the back of the house, t
:iconlance-the-young:Lance-the-young 31 5
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God, has it seriously been six months since I've updated this journal? To quote the Miz, really? Really?

Now, with the best thing in wrestling out of the way, let's get to the point of this.…

This is a link to Oppur Town Interactive, a story based around my Oppur Town Girls one that anyone can add to - and hopefully, more people will.

While I have had :iconlance-the-young: do some plugging for me in the past, it hasn't done a lot of good. This probably won't either, but it can't exactly hurt, and it could be a nice opportunity to give out more information on the six key characters of the story thus far:

Katlyn Ruby Parsons: Katlyn is the older of two twins, and the middle child of the Parsons family - she is based off of Kagami of Lucky Star and Katie McBride of The Wotch, which leaves her as a rather fiery person. She is, however, one that can be rather sweet on occasion and cares a lot about her friends and baby sister.

Suzanne Vanessa Parsons: The younger of the two twins. Suzanne is basically the opposite of Katlyn, being a very shy and naturally nervous girl who can be easily pressured into anything. Suzanne can still be somewhat naive and childish, but she isn't quite as alien to more mature concepts as she seems. She's based off of Tsukasa from Lucky Star.

Brenda Nancy "Wendy" Flowers: Wendy is the hyper one of the bunch, as well as a huge geek all in all. Despite being a very energetic girl, though, Wendy is able to quickly focus when a situation heads south and good at taking command. She is an open lesbian who is head over heels for Katlyn, and based off of Konata from Lucky Star and Wolfie from The Wotch.

Melanie Su "Mel" Nunez: Mel is a very tall and very intelligent girl, and fulfills the role of the quiet, logical one of the bunch. She does have a certain dry wit, though, and is often the one to be snarky when Katlyn is not present or not in the mood. She draws from Miyuki from Lucky Star and Mingmei Wu from The Wotch.

Hannah Denise Parsons: The twins' older sister. She is college-aged but lives at home while going to school, and is pretty much a cool, understanding older sister who both of her sisters look up to. She can be somewhat snappy and overly serious much like Katlyn at times, but similarly has a sweet, caring side.

Danny Keys: Katlyn's ex-boyfriend, who she left after discovering him cheating on her. Katlyn generally likes to avoid him, primarily since Danny hasn't quite moved on and routinely tries to win Katlyn back.

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And speaking of that match, how 'bout that Swagger?
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Well, only outright spoiling if you know what I'm talking about. In the context of what I said it sounds like I'm just referring to the tag match.
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