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Stone of Sages - Chapter 3
::The daylight slowly wakes up above the horizon. Reeves eyes blink as the warm sunlight kisses his face through the blinds. He tries to sit up but notices something on his chest. Rapasa's head and hand were they, she was smiling and Reeve could feel a light purr:: This is going to be tough :: He thought he would just lay there and let her stay comfortable. He takes the necklace from the counter and looks at it for a while ::
::Raspasa Wakes up, blinking a few times and yawns. she goes to stretch out her arms and one of her hands falls onto Reeve's maw.:: Huh? ::She feels his face, as if she were blind and trying to figure out what she had touch, finally she turns her head and looks up to him with a questioning stare.:: Cripes! what the hell happened? ::She jolts upright, lifting the sheets and holding them to cover her chest, though she still wore her clothes from the night before.:: Oh crap.. yeah ... i remember now.. ::She raises her hand to her forehead, rubbing her temple with thu
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. Zodiak Army . by ming85 . Zodiak Army . :iconming85:ming85 595 208
Stone of Sages - Chapter 2
:: It was 5am when Reeve stirs around in the bed, it's been a long time since there was company with him. He quietly gets off and performs his morning routine of shower, finishing the laundry and cooking breakfast.::
::Stretching and yawing loudly, RaspasaCraw quickly jumps from the bed in a fighting stance, short sword drawn until she remembers where she is and what had happened the night before. Carefully removing the nightgown and throwing on her skirt and shirt, she makes her way into the living room:
::Reeve was sitting in the room when the cat walked in: Good morning Rapasa, hope you've slept well : He pulls a jug of creme and a bowl from under the table : care to have a bit of breakfast?
::she turns one of the kitchen chairs around, sitting on it backwards as she reaches for the bowl. sleep in her eyes, she yawns once more;; Japan... japan japan japan.. i had the craziest dream last night..
::Reeve pours her a bowl, then takes a damp cloth and wipes her eyes: I'm glad I took awa
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Stone of Sages - Chapter 1
:: The night gripped the large city with its icy chill, a few stray snow flakes danced frigidly on the howling wind. a crescent moon overhead resembled more of an evil grin then the lunar wonder it had been known as. Through this mess of drunkards and midnight prowlers a figure clad in a red trench coat walked solemnly, large pale bushy tail swaying behind her.
It wasn't long before a fight had broken out amongst the thieves and hopeless drunks, and from the sidelines the pearl furred figure watched calmly, tail all the time twitching behind her. She moved to one side as a beer bottle smashed against the wall beside her, sending a spray of glass and liquor onto her crimson coat. a cat-like growl escaped her throat as she made way for the nearest building, hoping to find a seat and relieve herself of the wet jacket until it had dried.
Stepping into the doorway, her sunrise hued eyes passed over the night clubs inhabitants wearily and she searched for an empty seat::
"Dang, another brawl
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Strawberry fursuit props
Finished up our first harvest of strawberries :)
Follow us on Twitter for more fursuit related posts @fvrdrmfursuits
PFC 2018 Morsel
Fursuit I had made for my niece, Morsel Frostingpaws. (Photo by Sven Fennec )
PFC 2018 SparklePaws
Photo (by Sven Fennec) of my poodle fursuit from Pine Fur Con :)
I'm a huge fan of seeing Pokemon in pictures that seem like they could be out of nature documentaries.  I think I'm going to try and draw more of that. :)

I don't know why I'm making a journal entry about it. I really really don't.

Here's my nature documentary pokemon so far:

Eeveelution pack : People's interpretations of this one have been that they are hunting the tauros, or that they are protecting the baby from the tauros.…

Shiny Fenekin grabbing a meal, namely a Talonflame egg. whata jerk.…

Ninetails and vulpix, in my mind the Ninetails is always moving the baby Vulpix to a new lair because something has ventured too close to their old one.…

Umbreon V Skarmory. An older picture, with a very regrettable background. People tell me the umbreon looks too much like a rabbit, but you can all just shut your faces right up! Umbreons are imaginary and I can imagine them to be however I damn well please!  Anyhow, a Skarmory chasing down an umbreon, either for encroaching on its territory, or as a meal.…

Vaporeon swimming at night. I guess this picture leans more towards being a pinup then what I would prefer. I always imagine this water is mother effing FREEZING.…
That picture was a re-make of this old piece of garbage! seriously... look at how bad this is! Oh yeah, it's snowing in this old one, maybe that's why I always imagine the water in the new one being so cold.…

Mudkips being all crazy, as Mudkips are want to do.…
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