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By Lizkay
Heya peeps!
Raffle ended! :D Scroll down to see the winner! :heart:

You can win a Fullbody Colored Sketch Commission of your character (anthro, feral, humanoid, taur, human, creatures and even transformers or mecha characters!)
Here are some examples:

You need to enter until the 8th of August. I will give out random numbers for each comment:
+ additional chance if you +watch/already watch me
+ additional chance if you +fave this journal
+ additional chance if you share this journal
  on tumblr please share/reblog THIS
  on Instagram please share/reblog THIS
  on Twitter please retweet THIS

and the winner will be chosen using a random number generator on 10th August.


:bulletgreen: :icon10animallover10: #047 :+fav:#246 Added to my devWatch!#268  DeviantArt#103  Twitter#094 (character refs: 1 ) :bulletgreen:
Congratulations! :heart: I will start with you character artwork this weekend! :w00t:


Raffle List: (includes your numbers for the raffle, if you have shared this journal and miss additional numbers for that, please tell me! )

:bulletblue: :iconcasandro: #155 Added to my devWatch!#342 DeviantArt#095 (character refs: 1 2)
:bulletblue: :icontargo-gryphon: #124 :+fav:#222 Added to my devWatch!#301 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconjesse0319: #044 :+fav:#110 Added to my devWatch!#002 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :icontasteslikchicken: #368 :+fav:#250 Added to my devWatch!#169 (character refs: 1 2 3)
:bulletblue: :iconvarinki: #006 :+fav:#339 Added to my devWatch!#199 (character refs:1 2 3)
:bulletblue: :icondraconicxeno515: #326 :+fav:#201 Added to my devWatch!#017 DeviantArt#104 (character refs: 1 2 )
:bulletblue: :iconrabbiata: #168 :+fav:#007 Added to my devWatch!#312 Instagram New Icon#159 (character refs: 1  )
:bulletblue: :iconchrissi1997: #004 :+fav:#112 Added to my devWatch!#128  (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconsuzidragonlady: #236 :+fav:#302 Added to my devWatch!#008  (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconalmonihah: #019 :+fav:#344 Added to my devWatch!#209 Twitter#097 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconfrysco: #102 :+fav:#001 Added to my devWatch!#327 Twitter#158 :tumblr:#223 (character refs: 1 2 )
:bulletblue: :iconaeto: #034 :+fav:#308 Added to my devWatch!#109 Twitter#333 :tumblr:#252 (character refs: 1
:bulletblue: :iconskiebanana: #345 :+fav:#212 Added to my devWatch!#077 :tumblr:#291 (character refs: 1
:bulletblue: :iconjzlobo: #321 Added to my devWatch!#012 (character refs: 1 ) 
:bulletblue: :iconghost-sparta: #048 :+fav:#313 Added to my devWatch!#123 (character refs: 1 ) 
:bulletblue: :iconladonkai: #156 :+fav:#263 Added to my devWatch!#033 (character refs: 1
:bulletblue: :iconraptorarts: #078 :+fav:#118 Added to my devWatch!#399 Twitter#261 (character refs: 1 2
:bulletblue: :iconwolfenru: #188 :+fav:#349 Added to my devWatch!#287 DeviantArt#111 (character refs: 1
:bulletblue: :icondeviatedcarnage: #062 :+fav:#248 Added to my devWatch!#305 (character refs: 1 ) 
:bulletblue: :icontalikira: #189 :+fav:#309 Added to my devWatch!#244 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconwildemaehne: #036 :+fav:#258 Added to my devWatch!#167  DeviantArt#083 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconmoonyarsaraidh: #164 Added to my devWatch!#292  DeviantArt#125 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :icondragonheart07: #018 :+fav:#117 Added to my devWatch!#272  (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconeternity9: #364 :+fav:#039 Added to my devWatch!#132  (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :icondeadchesh: #068 Added to my devWatch!#197 :tumblr:#225 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconladynyoko: #149 :+fav:#346 Added to my devWatch!#216  DeviantArt#157 :tumblr:#304  Instagram New Icon#196 Twitter#314 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :icon10animallover10: #047 :+fav:#246 Added to my devWatch!#268  DeviantArt#103  Twitter#094 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :icondove0162: #126 :+fav:#307 Added to my devWatch!#247 (character refs: see comment )
:bulletblue: :iconchaysefox: #029 :+fav:#119 Added to my devWatch!#146 :tumblr:#242 Twitter#306 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconskornos: #165 :+fav:#038 Added to my devWatch!#226 :tumblr:#294 Twitter#311 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconmikedeangelo: #067 :+fav:#238 Added to my devWatch!#116  (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconinkscaled: #037 :+fav:#177 Added to my devWatch!#269 :tumblr:#190 Twitter#300 (character refs: 1 )
:bulletblue: :iconvictortky: #014 :+fav:#105 Added to my devWatch!#303 (character refs: please add ;)  )
:bulletblue: :iconlucarioocarina: #009 :+fav:#206 Added to my devWatch!#351 (character refs: 1 )

PS.: :heart: you can still donate if you like :heart: 

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LucarioOcarina's avatar
Thank you so much for the chance! Love your art!
Zelda OC - Trelloh the Rito by LucarioOcarina
WKJonesnet's avatar
I wish DA hadn’t raised the subscription price ^^b
victortky's avatar
Love your art style and gallery!

Faved and watched~!
InkScaled's avatar
:+devwatch: already watching for a long time
reposted on tumblr: inkscaled.tumblr.com/post/1868…
retwitted - can see it on my profile: twitter.com/InkScaled

ref: Kitsumi
Mikedeangelo's avatar
Figured I'd enter on this, your last day running the raffle!

I have a character I'm working on now called the Skyfire Knight.  He's a commoner who wasn't supposed to be able to be a griffon rider, but he ends up impressing the nobles of his floating city enough to join their ranks.  He only ends up impressing them more when he manages to tame an incredible fire-winged griffin.

While I don't have a reference of the griffin, I have concepts of the other griffins in the world of Tellest.


Thank you for the chance :)
Skornos's avatar
Akila by Skornos
There's more art of her, that I can show you. Also, a few important things too know about her, besides the bios in the description of this pic (about her Design, too).
I Will tell you if she should win.

Already watching, faved the journal, shared it on Tumblr and retweeted it on Twitter.

Have a great day and thanks for the chance
chaysefox's avatar
Tumblr O1kp089lt31r7h2t9o1 1280 by chaysefox
Thank you for the consideration. I'm already watching, faved the journal, and reblogged the tumblr and retweeted.
TastesLikChicken's avatar
Oh oops LOL just realized I never added refs, lemme go ahead and uh...do that real quick LMAO
Eleutherius, Cash, Verity
Lizkay's avatar
Thank you! :w00t:
Already added the reference links! :D
TastesLikChicken's avatar
hooray, thank you!! :D
dove0162's avatar
I'd love to enter, thank you for the chance:

I have zero art of any of these babies and I'd like a chance please:

One is one of my Norse demi god trio: She's a redheaded, freckle faced, blue eyed girl. She has collar length hair with norse braids, hair over her ears. Her outfit consists of a grey wool coat with double buttons, a purple undershirt that is 3/4 length, stone wash blue jeans, calf high lace up boots, scarf and gloves. Her weapon is a silver colored bow with a hip quiver.

Two: Is my kirin from MLP: She's got an orange body with a purple and black mane and tail, purple being the main color, scales I'm not sure on the color so your choice. Her name is Gossamer. She has various pieces of clothing that can be fish nets or pearls or bats or spiders, your choice again. Though she has a fake spider hanging from her horn and your choice on the eyes.

Three: This is my thresher shark merman, he's got battle scars everywhere from fights with other threshers and other sharks in particular. I'm not sure if I should give him an african american torso or white so your choice there.
10animallover10's avatar
I'd love to enter!

Character in question; Sigrdrifa the Valkyrie (her armbracelet is skewed too low here. It's on her bicep, mostly seen peeking through her arm armor).
Proud Valkyrie by 10animallover10  
Personality and other information is on the deviation itself!

I am already a watcher.
I faved your journal.
Shared the journal: Awesome art raffle!
Shared it on Twitter: twitter.com/Lisa_van_Erp/statu… 
Lizkay's avatar
CONGRATULATIONS! :w00t: You are the winner of my raffle! :heart:
I will start with your character's artwork this weekend :dance:

:wave: Thanks a lot for participating!
10animallover10's avatar
I am? Gods, that is amazing! :lol: I am so lucky! :la: Very much looking forward to seeing my Sigrdrifa in your style! :D Thank you in advance! :3
LadyNyoko's avatar
I'd like to enter!

Character: toyhou.se/61670.indra/gallery
(There are some NSFW pieces in his gallery so if you'd rather strict SFW refs just let me know and I'll piece those together for you.)

Watched/faved/shared on deviantART, Tumblr, Instagram, & Twitter: 
Free Art Raffle!
DeadChesh's avatar
I'd love to enter! 
Amestrii Ref by DeadChesh

Reblogged on Tumblr: 
Eternity9's avatar
I'll like to enter ^_^
Already a watcher and have faved this journal =3
Delamare by Eternity9
dragonheart07's avatar
Faved your journal and I have been watching you for a long time. Here is my character that you can include in there for the list  Majestic Louie Fursona - Colored by dragonheart07
MoonyArsaraidh's avatar
oooh da mag ich auch gerne mit machen :3

Watchen tu ich dich ja schon ne Weile, das weißt du ja ^^
Mal sehen... welchen Character hmmm....
Ich hab so viele..

Oh ja :)

Ryneia Sie kennst du ja bereits, du hast sie mal als Babygreif gemalt (Hier). Vielleicht magst du sie diesmal ja als erwachsenen Greifin malen? :)

Achja, und hier geshared: www.deviantart.com/moonyarsara…

WildeMaehne's avatar
I wanna! ^^
Ich fänds cool, wenn meine Mane mal in einen deiner saugeilen Tauren verwandelt werden würde.
So ein Manetaur wäre ganz cool denk ich, hehe. Du kennst die Dicke ja ^^ Faved + shared journal ~<3
WildeMaehne 2016 by WildeMaehne
DeviatedCarnage's avatar
Best of luck to all. 

My description of Fae-andri can be found at docs.google.com/document/d/1zH…
Wolfenru's avatar
Thank you for the chance and doing this raffle! I'm a watcher, I favorited the journal, and shared www.deviantart.com/wolfenru/st…

Here's my girl, Maura
Maura 1505 by Matriarchs-Haunt
RaptorArts's avatar
HI! Long time no see. Sorry ive been absent for so long. I miss talking with you guys. 
As you know im a watcher/folower and i favorited and shared on twitter :)


I am raptor dragon hear me roar! XD
Its an old sketch up but its all i have right now. 
Dragon Profile Design by RaptorArts Holiday Post Card! Nearly Finished! Feedback plz by RaptorArts
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